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    Saturn in 7th

    Ok I literally just revisited this site after, like, forever. This is interesting, tysm. I don’t have any older siblings. But why the issue if I did, out of curiosity? Can anyone tell me why, if this user isn’t still active?
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    Will Saturn Return Ruin Relationships?

    Specifically if you have saturn in the seventh...what happens then? Will it ruin any relationships you have? I have saturn in seventh and don't know if that means that if i ever get in a relationship, it will get ruined then. Can the effects on relationships be diminished by growing as a person...
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    Saturn in 7th Here's my chart. What do you think it means? I am a capricorn with a capricorn rising btw so maybe the capricorn thing is it?
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    Saturn in 7th

    wdym improve your position and you'll win? also, here's my chart xd
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    How old will i be when I likely marry

    Yes, my dad is very strict and they almost divorced multiple times as a child. Also, how old is old considered for marriage, and how much "older" is the person i marry likely to be? Is all of this set or does it just mean i am predisposed to get married at an older age, and can it be changed by...
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    How old will i be when I likely marry

    personally i know i hope i marry early or at a normal time. here's my chart though
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    What is your mars like and how assertive are you?

    9th house sagittarius, square jupiter not assertive whatsoever
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    Eating for pleasure

    Eating for pleasure is normal. Maybe try to find good food that's healthy and you like?
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    Saturn in 7th

    I read this can cause relationship anxiety and late marriage (like in late 20's), but how concrete is this? I saw some places saying that marriages will likely fail after saturn return if you do get married before then somehow and it means you won't get married until you are older. But is this...
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    tell me your moral alignment

    Cap sun, Libra moon, Cap rising- I want to be perfectly fair and not have a bad impact on anybody at all
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    Does my chart point to not getting married or having kids?

    So I was looking at my chart and noticed my fifth house was empty and my seventh house contained Lilith and Saturn. Saturn is negatively aspected but is one of my least dominant planets, although my chart is bucket shaped and Saturn is the handle on it. Another part is that Venus is in twelfth...