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  1. Flowergirl

    When do moon in Taurus people forgive?

    I'm assuming you are refering to what I said about changing how you conduct yourself? Well, something you did angered this person. And when it falls along the lines of creating stress, upheaval or making the Moon in Taurus look bad, then they will signal to you that they are unhappy about your...
  2. Flowergirl

    T Neptune conjunct N Sun: What to expect?

    Neptune transiting the Sun can perhaps cause some confidence issues and with the Sun being in the sixth house, I would watch my health very carefully if I was him. Neptune dissolves, so he may find himself in a time period where he'd want to scale down work responsibilities and find more time...
  3. Flowergirl

    When do moon in Taurus people forgive?

    Moon in Taurus people will give you chances. Many chances and opportunities to redeem yourself and see that the way that you conduct yourself needs reevaluation and change. When you don't listen and keep reoffending or treating them bad, there comes a time when the hourglass runs out, and your...
  4. Flowergirl

    29th Degree Support Group (All welcome)

    Hi there, I have a lot of family members with planets at the 29th degree and I have done a lot of reading and meditation on it... a lot. I find these descriptions the most useful and some other articles about it creating the extremes of the...
  5. Flowergirl

    People tell me I look "intense" and "intimidating"

    Perhaps you could post a natal/progressed/transit chart. That will shine more light on the issue that you say developed since you got to college.
  6. Flowergirl

    Natal, Progressions, or Transits??

    I'd definitely go for transits. They come and go. When you're feeling ****, you look in your chart and lo and behold there is a transit to a natal planet that you did not realise was going on. Progressions are really helpful, especially when a progressed planet changes a sign, move into the...
  7. Flowergirl

    Identity Issue

    No worries Arturia, I think we all have a bit of a blind spot when it comes to our own charts because they are loaded with emotional attachments. It's so much easier to read for another... and it is great to be able to help each other become more aware astrologers.
  8. Flowergirl

    Identity Issue

    It looks confusing, that's for sure. But Chiron looks square the nodal axis with a 7 degree orb. :unsure: I'd say it's valid...
  9. Flowergirl

    need help with anger

    Sounds like that transit Uranus square your natal Mars have already brought you some really good insights and impetus. Anger is not always such a bad thing. Sometimes it is just the last drop in the bucket to get you to take action in the best direction for you. Sounds like it has...
  10. Flowergirl

    need help with anger

    You are certainly at a point in your life where your anger is triggered by the Uranus Pluto Square and you are being awakened to new ways to assert yourself and your willpower. Soon, at age 29/30, you will have your Saturn return and it is going to ask you to make changes and take...
  11. Flowergirl

    Identity Issue

    I am glad you can make better sense of it all. Just two more observations: I just realised your Chiron is square your nodal axis, which puts a lot more emphasis on those Chironic issues in your life. You have eloquently pointed that out above. Another is that Venus also rules issues around...
  12. Flowergirl

    Identity Issue

    That T-square on your sun in the 4th house may suggest that you have some difficulty with your own identity being amongst your family. Perhaps this can be experienced as having difficulty being your own person around family members. The stress is also on your Venus, so perhaps family...
  13. Flowergirl

    Finding it hard to control my emotions....

    People have made some good observations. Here is mine. Emotions wants to flow. Restriction and stagnation will make them rot and boil over when you don't want them to. Perhaps you can find other creative ways of letting the steam out with that Mars oppose Uranus, Mars square Moon. Exercise...
  14. Flowergirl

    Has anyone else felt difficulty with progressions of personal planets?

    Yes, I can relate that progressions have not been easy, because the next sign is so very foreign from the previous. I really got an understanding of just how I suffered from having progressed sun in Aries, when the Sun recently progressed into Taurus. My natal Sun is in Pisces and I have...
  15. Flowergirl

    chart insights.

    Dominant energy: Saturn in Capricorn conjunct ascendant Also Pluto is in it's domicile (strongest) in Scorpio You asked in your other thread too about why you don't like Cancers. It seems to be of particular importance to you. Perhaps it is reflected by your Chiron conjunct South Node. I am...
  16. Flowergirl

    Am I Manglik

    To dhundhun: I actually understand your '2 reasons' given as an Indian friend was recently married and we were kept updated of the whole process. It was very interesting. Though I agree that from a western point of view, the values are challenging to understand. The new bride went back to...
  17. Flowergirl

    Did my "luck" just run out?

    Those charts are so small... can't make them out.
  18. Flowergirl

    Am I Manglik

    Thanks for that dhundhun. I can see now that it is important for parents to keep these things in mind with regards to arranged marriages. To make the most of it for both parties.
  19. Flowergirl

    Am I Manglik

    I have often wondered the same thing about the negative connectation that 'manglik' has in Indian culture particularly. One of my favourate actresses is Aishwarya Rai. She's apparently manglik too. I've had a look at her western astrology chart, and she is quite a woman. Very beautiful...
  20. Flowergirl

    Virgo, Ignorant About Astrology

    Ok, so I had a look at chart A in your other thread. I see you still posted no specific questions and you cannot relate to your Virgo energy. Perhaps I can put it in another way. Your Sun, Virgo and Jupiter stellium in Virgo tells me you are very mentally active along with the Moon and South...