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  1. Cloverskies77

    What talents do i possess?

    Sven555, You do have some natural healing talents & abilities. You have chiron conjuncting your moon...You are extremely sensitive to other people.You could help people through their emotional issues. You have intuitive gifts...You are a natural healer. Also could be a natural as an astrologer...
  2. Cloverskies77

    Worried about my Child. Learning disability?

    I think it is great that you are looking for answers in her birth chart to help your daughter. The birth chart can be a great resource to look into whats going on with a child. It can help to guide you in the right direction & see what & where their strengths & weaknesses are. I wish more...
  3. Cloverskies77

    Being bullied in the chart?

    Dobrev, As far as being bullied & having a hard time in school. You have Pluto in scorpio in the 3rd house. The 3rd house represents early childhood education. Early education may have felt invasive or threatening and sometimes there can be persecution by school friends or teachers. A crisis...
  4. Cloverskies77

    What to look for in a chart for potential moving to a different place.

    Zowye1984, You may be feeling that communication is difficult during this time because transiting pluto in capricorn is conjunct your natal mercury conjunct jupiter. Pluto=transformation,,,,mercury (the communication planet) is conjunct Jupiter=( expansion & made larger) So, communication is...
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    You are a leo sun...the opposing sign(shadow side) to leo is Aquarius. I am an Aquarius and I do attract alot of leos,,,in one way or another either sun in leo or moon in leo. Aquarius is serious, like their independance & time alone. Leo likes to have fun,,wants to be the center of attention &...
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    Mars Conjunct North Node

    TheV, Mars conjuct north node(rahu) in the 4th house (IC). Take on the responsibility of family needs thru the HOME-(4th house). This can be the family that you create for yourself via marriage, or it could be your own parents, whose requirements you see to. Discover the benefits of the place...
  7. Cloverskies77

    What kind of love life I will experience?

    Legendary-Orb, Venus is trining your mars in your chart. Your a natural born lover....Affectionate, pleasure-loving, and passionate, you have an intense approach to life that lasts well into middle age and sometimes longer. You have a great deal of warmth, which attracts others to you. Your...
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    My friend's insane stellium

    Wow.This person has a tremendos amount of capricorn energy. cloverskies :)
  9. Cloverskies77

    Is This The Chart Of A Psychopath?

    Usually a true sociopath- will have their moon conjunct their south node(ketu). I looked at a long list of sociopaths charts & they all had one thing in common---Moon conjunct their south node(ketu) Cloverskies :)
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    Career Direction for Packed Eighth House

    Whatever you may choose to do in medicine,,,You will probably receive recognition in your career in medicine ,Pluto conjunct the midheaven means that through sheer force of will, this conjunction inclines one to seek a mission in life and to fulfill it. As the ego consciousness is focused on...
  11. Cloverskies77

    Does my chart show potential in creative writing?

    VirginiatheVirgo, As far as potential for writing I would say a definite yes,,,,you have venus in the 3rd house in leo... Those with Venus in the 3rd house have a desire for learning and communicating, they usually have a passion for books, writing, magazines, newspapers, languages and the media...
  12. Cloverskies77

    A question for love

    You are very welcome....I like to help people & astrology helps me to do that. Best Wishes & Blessings to you, Cloverskies :)
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    A question for love

    As far as traveling in 2013 you have mars in the 9th house. All expansive activities are stimulated— travel, education, communications and media activities, publications. Spiritual activities are favored. So long distance travel is possible at this time. You also have chiron conjunct chiron in...
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    A question for love

    Tornquist, Good news for next year 2013 because transiting venus conjunct your natal sun in the 7th house does mean that its is possible to start a new love relationship!!Your popularity increases & your more sociable during this time. Because this transit is in the 7th house,,,This means that...
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    Could some one read my chart please?

    You need to post a link for your chart that works....that can be clicked on ok.
  16. Cloverskies77

    I hate my father so much ....

    Nice analysis & advice,,,,Aquarius 7000 :) Cloverskies :)
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    This is a great chart,,,,I wish I had this chart. If you dont have the kind of fame you want,,,,you will surely be successful for sure. Cloverskies :cool:
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    You have jupiter in the 5th house which means your going to be very creative. You may even have lots of children and or romances. Mars in the 10th house can bring you pretty much anything you want. Best position for mars. Sun is shining in career house. Very possible...creative career. Cloverskies
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    Sun in 12th house

    Most people who have sun in the 4th house have the issue of the father being absent in their chart. The mother is the major figure in the persons life. Cloverskies
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    Why is my sister's chart so powerful?

    Well she has many nice aspects & a nice fire trine in her chart. I think that most of her power as you said....comes from her mars in the 10th house. That is the most powerful position for mars. So it gives her the assertive, push forward, that mars gives to do things in life. Cloverskies