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    Why is Mercury exalted in Virgo- not in Gemini?

    My personal experience knowing 2 people with Mercury in Virgo and 2 others with Mercury in Gemini is that the Virgo placement gives a kind of precision in how they express themselves, so Virgo mercury manner of speaking seems convincing, and somehow sincere, aesthetically attractive, and...
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    Aquarius moon and Scorpio Moon

    So far an Aquarius Moon has accused me (SM moon) of being stubborn which adds to one of the replies above that both are "fixed" signs. We have not argued about anything as of yet, and generally have an agreement on many points. The few points where my opinion is different from his he explains...
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    LF Career Advice

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! It has been really helpful :)
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    LF Career Advice

    The website was down yesterday so I used the charts from astromatrix. Looks like they fixed the database today so here are the copies from that site: *deleted* The time, hour and minutes, was taken from my birth certificate, so it's as accurate as I could possibly make it be.
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    LF Career Advice

    Any occupation recommendations for this chart? Don't need it to be too specific, general leads would also be appreciated. *deleted*
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    Scorpio Moon Woman Description (Characteristic Profile)

    How accurate is this profile in your experience? The Scorpio Moon Woman This type of Scorpio Woman is truly intact with her intuition and ability to understand the deep purposes of most things in life. What seems to be forbidden or kept under the rug, delivers an appealing darkness drawing...
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    KRSchannel YouTube astrology videos

    bumping this thread for more astrology input
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    Sun in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio - what it's like

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    Planets in the 12th house synastry

    I was wondering what the planet person feels, because sometimes people come and "dump" a whole bunch of planets into my 12th house and they get protracted there for the whole eternity, meanwhile I'm wondering what to do, how should I feel, etc.
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    All Things Hidden: Planets of the 12th House

    I wouldn't the astrological life span predictions very seriously when they are based on a single placement. I've heard of astrologers being able to accurately predict people's deaths, and the manner, but it was from the composite chart rather than it's singular parts.
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    Venus in Aquarius

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I of course meant what is Venus in Aquarius like in your person experience as it's not possible to account for every aspect. Lately I'm being surrounded by Venus in Aquarius people, yet I don't have almost any air signs in my chart. It's all very perplexing ...
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    Planets in the 12th house synastry

    what is the general dynamic of this type of relationship? what is the influence of the planet person on the house person? what is the influence of the house person on the planet person?
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    sexual sadism

    One person i know who has sadistic and degrading sexual fantasies has a stellium of Moon, Mars, and Saturn in Scoprio and all of this is in his 8th house. Pluto also in Scorpio but many degrees removed. He doesn't have an interest to "live" his fantasies though, not into BDMS or anything, just...
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    Confused about love/hate in dreams

    Thanks for your help. I didn't have much expectations about us getting along or not getting along. When I joined this social group, I had no idea who anybody was, so I wasn't expecting anything. But this person targeted me almost immediately. Then I had a few dreams about them almost "clinging"...
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    Derren Brown on reading Astrology Charts

    so much for websites like selling "personalized" charts to their members
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    Study of astrological time twins: what are your thoughts on this?

    here is one from 2010: The Scientific Case against Astrology Extensive tests, including one by India’s most famous astrophysicist, confirm that astrology is a hoax.
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    Aspects indicating people who don't listen?

    oh hey I know plenty of people like that, too bad I don't know their birth data -.-
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    Astrological Signs in a Nutshell

    Pisces in a Nutshell - Scorpio in a Nutshell - Virgo in a Nutshell - Leo in a Nutshell - Aries in a Nutshell -...
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    The psychology of Pluto square Sun

    I also liked these description of Sun square Pluto: There can be a form of apprehension concerning actually achieving your purposes; sometimes you make good progress, only to run out of interest at the point when the final effort should be made, almost as if the subversive tendency of Pluto...
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    The psychology of Pluto square Sun

    Hard natal aspects of Sun/Pluto seem to have some sort of ego-destabilizing effect which can be exerted on the person himself or herself, or projected on others, or both done intermittently. The square seems to evoke either a phobic or counterphobic response. With such square there is a sense...