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  1. Golden Yod

    North Node Conjunct South Node (Father-Daughter-Relationship)

    Amazing. I think it would be the opposite of having a strained relationship as the result of the opposite nodes. I would look elsewhere for the strain.
  2. Golden Yod

    Certain type of empathy

    When you lose your sense of self, you are activating your human spirit. When activating the human spirit, there are facilities you can access. To switch back to self, focus on something selfish (like eating). They (soul and human spirit) work like a master slave relationship. One is always...
  3. Golden Yod

    Certain type of empathy

    When I refer to being clairvoyant, I mean having visions. Like when the pineal gland is activated.
  4. Golden Yod

    Certain type of empathy

    Also, your Dark Moon Lilith (Waldemath) is parallel to Pluto. Have you been frightened (or traumatized) about something else?
  5. Golden Yod

    Certain type of empathy

    Having a similar condition, I think it is a gift. Not something that one should be shielded from (like a disease). A gift that should be pursued to help others. The gift is in a spiritual realm. It wouldn't surprise me if you were clairvoyant when younger. There's a reason you are...
  6. Golden Yod

    Certain type of empathy

    Your Moon is opposite asteroid Apophis and your Jupiter is opposite your asteroid Anubis. Your Anubis is in the 12th. Neptune and Anubis are contra-parallel. Neptune rules the 12th so is speaking to Anubis in 12th. Uranus, Neptune, and Moon are all parallel so they are all contra-parallel...
  7. Golden Yod

    Certain type of empathy

    I'm still checking your chart. So far, the Pisces 8th seems to be important.
  8. Golden Yod

    Certain type of empathy

    I get a heavy feeling of grief when someone I know is getting ready to die. About 2 weeks before. Siblings ask me if I have the feeling because they are concerned with their spouse's health.
  9. Golden Yod

    Certain type of empathy

    Interesting your SN is in Pisces 8th with Liliths on the other end. Can you sense death before it occurs?
  10. Golden Yod

    Certain type of empathy

    Asteroid Pallas and Neptune are sextile to your SN of the Moon in Pisces while Lilith (o) and asteroid Lilith (1181) are on your NN.
  11. Golden Yod

    Jupiter in 2nd as a part of a T-square

    Sounds like communication, ideas, etc. can suffer. Having Jupiter in Taurus 2nd is very strong for creating assets.
  12. Golden Yod

    Aries in 8th house NN(to accept help or not?)

    Accepting help doesn't have to be the way it's interpreted. It might be for you to help others in finance due to your expertise and not them help you.
  13. Golden Yod

    Does that illict love have future?

    His Vertex is on your Sun so he knows something is up. LOL
  14. Golden Yod

    Question about our synastry... Plutonic??

    His Sun on your Saturn in Scorpio might eventually be an issue.
  15. Golden Yod

    New Beginnings

    Welcome EloahCharlene. How long between men? TY.
  16. Golden Yod

    The "Great" Conjunction?

    TY Sugarsweet. Mine are in the 9th house if my recent rectification is correct. My Saturn has the lowest degree. It seems like my Saturn is much stronger than my Jupiter. My Jupiter is at the apex of a Golden Yod, connecting Venus and Pluto both with 144 degree offsets. Saturn can be a very...
  17. Golden Yod

    The "Great" Conjunction?

    I have the conjunction less than 6 degrees apart. To me, Jupiter amplifies Saturn characteristics. My Saturn is very strong since it's also in Capricorn.
  18. Golden Yod

    I have Mars conjunct ASC, but I suck at sports.

    My Mars is not at an angle but I was a natural athlete.
  19. Golden Yod

    Rectified chart/career guidance

    Your North Node is in the 2nd house. How do you feel\think about finance professions?
  20. Golden Yod

    I'm having a VERY hard time and I'd love insight!!!

    Emotional issues might mean Moon. Your Moon is your chart ruler. The transiting Moon is on the transiting Moon's North Node. Both are invoking your Scorpio Moon (same degree) which is conjunct Scorpio Pluto. A couple of days passing should relieve you somewhat. Edit: That last time that...