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    How to graduate from Astrology 101

    JupiterAsc - yes, astrology as a profession has unregulated sectors, so we who become qualified in the art need to be professional and make our personal and professional standards clear, in all we do. There will always be people who have their opinions, whether those opinions fly in the face...
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    Pluto Transits

    Hi Hypatia, I didn't see his chart until just now - my apologies for that. He is so little. With Pluto I often regard it as signifying a grandparent, and experiences around a grandparent. He may be going to meet or have requests from a grandparent, to meet him. With Uranus on his Desc, and...
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    Pluto Transits

    Hello Hypatia, As Pluto transited my MNN I was a caregiving grandmother to two of my grandaughters,. Their mother is Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon. I took care of the two girls for three and a half years, with the time of the Pluto transit being when I moved out of their house to set up my own...
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    Books needed for Erecting Chart by Hand?

    I agree with Greybeard. Calculating and erecting the chart by hand requires accuracy and attention to detail - both useful life skills. More is seen in the chart as it is created "by hand" compared with a sheet of paper that pops out of a printer. (Both methods have their merits.) I enjoy...
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    Precessed vs. non-precessed SR

    I'm finding this an interesting discussion, as I've used precession-corrected Solar and Lunar Returns for over a decade. An eminent astrologer got a group of us to check out Princess Diana's death using both kinds of charts - non-precessed and precessed. The Precessed Solar and Lunar Returns...
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    Universal Forces

    LOL Thanks, Jupiterasc
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    Loved this. just so funny. Thanks. Justine
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    winnie-the-pooh astro profiles :)

    Kanga? Why she's a Cancer Mum - iron fist in a velvet glove. Probably has a Leo Moon though. Very proud and protective of her offspring. Rabbit is Virgo; things MUST be orderly, and oh yes, loves his friends dearly. Piglet: he thinks he's only small, but that fierceness shows him up as Pisces...
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    Predicting your own death.

    A delightful astrologer my family knew, predicted her own death. She was serene and looking forward to what we now call 'transition' in our family. She tidied up her life, settled everything, and then lived through whatever-it-was she had foreseen as her death. Lived another 20-odd years...
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    Pluto Transits

    What I have found has helped clients is for them to adopt a caterpillar and meditate on it as it is going through its transformations. Simply live respectfully with it, providing all of its needs, and allow it to teach you whatever it can. Metamorphosis is what Pluto is about - allowing...
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    Pluto Transits

    Thank you OrGanuz for your comment. Am deeply grateful for your understanding.
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    Pluto Transits

    Pluto transiting natal Moon. Sagittarius Moon in 10th House Set the scene: my Sun-Moon midpoint in Capricorn has Pluto Retro exactly (minutes of arc separation) opposite it. Natal Pluto in 5th House. So when Transiting Pluto conjoined my natal Moon - several times, as is Pluto's way - in 2004...
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    Do You Have A Grand Trine?

    Hi there. Noel Tyl says the Grand Trine indicates a separation from the world into ourselves. This mirrors my experience of my own grand trine. (Saturn trine Pluto trine MC-Moon's North Node) It may have been because those particular parts of the chart (my nature) are involved...
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    How to graduate from Astrology 101

    There is, imo, only so much we can do as students reading books and trying out what appeals. What opened my mind up astrologically was going to my first astrology conference. To speak the language, to hear other people's takes on familiar areas/topics, was energising. My enthusiasm grew...
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    Venus in Pisces

    I'm prepared to give you this info in a private message only. Please PM me and I'll reply as soon as I can. Justine
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    How strong is your Jupiter?

    Darn, I don't fit, again! I looked at the questionnaire and didn't do it (may change my mind), because although my Jupiter is strong it wouldn't show up that way. Pisces: Asc, Sun, Venus (Ceres too) Sagittarius: MC, Moon's North Node and Moon herself Sun and Jupiter ( and two others) in 12th...
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    Do You Have A Grand Trine?

    Yes, Dave, I have a Grand Trine between Saturn, Pluto and my MC in Sagittarius cjn Moon's North Node. I may be interested in working with you. Please give me some info on your background and reasons for the research. (I don't need a consultation, to be part of your research - SU in 12th House...
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    Is This The Chart Of A Psychopath?

    OK Anger, I have questions for you: What are you getting out of whatever relationship it is you think you have with this man? (Answer to yourself, not us, and be absolutely honest about it.) Do you feel some kind of excitement around him? (The rush of fear and the rush of turn-on are really...
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    Should a new Natal chart be cast for a person who has experienced an NDE?

    dr. farr, thanks for your info. I'd never thought of doing a composite with the natal, using the NDE. Wil play with mine (which will be the same as my composite with my daughter. . . ) What kind of composite do you use for this? I get differing results with different methods - would value...
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    Should a new Natal chart be cast for a person who has experienced an NDE?

    I have two thoughts on this one: 1) I have used, in consultation, a client's near-death experience as "another natal chart" for her, at her request. As a stand-alone chart it described her new personality, to her satisfaction. However, I found it related intimately with her natal chart and...