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  1. sibylline

    Solar Return: New relationship and pregnancy - Please Help

    I don't like this chart format but it doesn't look to me like a relationship or new baby. Your time will most likely come but it's probably not this year.
  2. sibylline

    This looks... interesting. Input please! Transit Q on my chart

    It's so hard to read a chart with all of those asteroids/bodies in it.
  3. sibylline

    Life is going downhill, anything with my chart(s)?

    These charts are not my favorites to read --prefer's-- but I'd say the next year will be difficult for your personal relationships and will bring even more changes on the home front. Like mentioned, you do have Saturn in Cancer singleton, as well as Moon conjunct Uranus so this is part...
  4. sibylline

    Solar Return: New relationship and pregnancy - Please Help

    That's a lot to accomplish in one year. I don't think anyone can say for sure that a person will get pregnant in any year, only whether it is likely or unlikely. I can see why the astrologer might think pregnancy and relationship but I'm not sure that I agree. Saturn being highlighted in the...
  5. sibylline

    venus square mars

    My partner has this natally. The interest and need for romance, intimacy, etc is higher but the ways the person goes about it can get in their own way. Sometimes there can be issues with relating to and understanding the opposite gender. They can like play fighting or a partner who is a little...
  6. sibylline

    Transiting True Node and Natal True Node

    Other houses as well.
  7. sibylline

    helppp..!! N-node, uranus and neptune in 7th house (PLEASE READ MY CHART)

    It's not ideal, but it happens. It's not a death sentence to your relationships if it does. You just have to remember that your relationships and partners will be characterized by those planetary energies. I'd try to bring the energy into your life in positive ways. Well, you two are...
  8. sibylline

    Solar return chart... am i meeting a karmic partner this year?

    Could be. You need to look at the solar in relation to your natal and your transits as well, to confirm.
  9. sibylline

    helppp..!! N-node, uranus and neptune in 7th house (PLEASE READ MY CHART)

    I can't see the chart for some reason, but I have a close friend who has the same positions in her 7th (you two must be the same year), opposing her Cancer personal planets in the 7th. She's been very happily with her partner for going on four years. So no, it doesn't mean your love life will be...
  10. sibylline

    Please read my Solar Return

    I could see travel with transiting Mars highlighting your natal Jupiter in the 9th opposing Uranus in the 3rd. Permanent overseas settlement is possible as well (if finances allow) with the 4th house and IC being activated, but I think there will be a good deal of challenge with finding a job...
  11. sibylline

    Transiting True Node and Natal True Node

    This is the nodal return. It usually coincides with significant outer events but the nature and intensity depends on what else is going on transit-wise, at the time.
  12. sibylline

    Please read my Solar Return

    It does look like another challenging year. You'll likely come across some unforeseen issues and spend more money than you'd like, but it's not something you won't make it out of. Do you mind posting the return overlayed on your natal chart? It's the "solar return + natal chart, with houses" option.
  13. sibylline

    Capricorn and the sixth house

    I can't say that I feel strongly about pets either. Makes sense that you relate more to the 5th house, with your chart ruler and personal planets there. I relate to the 5th house as well, with my Moon there.
  14. sibylline

    Golden Yod

    Opinions vary on this. I don't personally consider anything other than planets in any chart formations (yod, t-square, grand trine, etc).
  15. sibylline

    Help with discovering a pattern in chart

    Neither. The tension of your Virgo Mars/Uranus/Pluto opposite Saturn in the 8th could certainly result in anxiety and tension. The 4th house water stellium could lead to depression by being withdrawn and ruminating over past issues and emotions.
  16. sibylline

    scary transits

    Pluto's been transiting my 6th house for nearly a decade now. The more recent years have been pretty neutral. If you have 6th or 12th house planets then look for the conjunctions and oppositions of these planets to your natal planets for when things will actually happen. The nodal return can be...
  17. sibylline

    Capricorn and the sixth house

    My interpretation would vary depending on how the planets were aspected and the overall picture of the chart. I have the same rising sign, with Saturn and Neptune in the 6th. I'm not in love with 6th house themes like work and health/illness, but many people could relate to that. I get along...
  18. sibylline

    Death of a close relative

    It's something I've looked at a lot in the past couple of years. Just like with all major life events there are certain patterns that indicate a higher likelihood of death. It can definitely be seen when looking at deaths that have already occurred. The issue with looking at deaths, especially...
  19. sibylline

    A change gonna come... but what? Node 1st, Pluto 8th Conj Sun 9th,

    Ok, with the natal posted I don't think it indicates a long distance move. Short distance, possibly, but it looks more like there will be lots of travel in the year. Is the person into writing or teaching? That would work well for this year. Large changes with the financial situation, but it...
  20. sibylline

    Solar return ascendant in natal 5th house with stellium Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn

    This is a little late, so I'm not sure if you'll read it. I'll post my experiences anyway, for anyone who is wondering the same in the future. No, there would have to be other indicators. However, I had this (SR ASC in natal 5th) for 2020 and I did meet my partner, completely out of nowhere...