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  1. Silver Moon

    Hi everyone

    Hello. I'm new here too and I'm looking forward to learning more.
  2. Silver Moon

    Void of Course Moon in Natal Chart

    In that post AquarianEssence quotes the following from an article by Ann Massy that" "I have also observed how void-of-course Moon individuals tend to fall into jobs, marriages, and other situations that form the basic story lines of human life, through fluke not by apparent design. These...
  3. Silver Moon

    Void of Course Moon in Natal Chart

    Thanks for that link. It appears to be the same post from the other site. There is a lot of very useful info regarding the VOC moon in a natal chart in that post. One of my favorite quotes from that post is: "The Moon is in place to reflect the light of day into the darkness of night. It is...
  4. Silver Moon

    Void of Course Moon in Natal Chart

    Continuing. I found an additional forum that has some good info regarding a natal VOC moon . . . however the last active posts were from 2010. I'm not sure if the forum will allow me to provide a link to that thread, but here is the link...
  5. Silver Moon

    Void of Course Moon in Natal Chart

    I am posting here because this is the topic of interest which brought me to your forum. My interest in this topic started several months ago when, by chance I discovered that I was born while the moon was VOC. I do differ from the earlier posts in this thread in that I believe that it most...
  6. Silver Moon


    I am happy to have found your forum. My interest in astrology started many, many years ago. I would say that I know much more than most people, and far less than many of you. My study has been pretty much limited to my own chart. What brought me to this forum is my interest in natal VOC...