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    Corona virus pandemic 2020 jokes

    Dear God, can you please uninstall and reinstall 2020, it has got a virus.
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    Corona virus pandemic 2020 jokes

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    Saturn Mahadasha - Rahu Antardasha - what to expect?

    Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate the information! Did you mean that the changes in Residence, separation from family, possible health issues and journey abroad could happen any time during the Rahu period, or more specifically, when Rahu moves into Taurus? I'm presently living...
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    Saturn Mahadasha - Rahu Antardasha - what to expect?

    On January 1st, Rahu Antardasha (in Saturn Mahadasha) will be starting for me and I'm a bit scared, since the combination of Saturn - Rahu sounds difficult and this Dasha will go on for almost 3 years. I'm wondering what I can expect? I remember Rahu Mahadasha as a difficult period, which went...
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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    not what i wanted to hear...:unsure: leaving: 10 of Cups
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    What suggests ability to do math

    I just did...Only Mercury/Uranus parallel with 1° 22' orb, would that count??
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    Saturn colors

    also grey...:alien:
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    Chrys's Astro memes.

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    Can't escape from sadness,could last for even more?

    You're having transiting Pluto squaring your natal moon and NN, ongoing this whole year and part of next year as well. Pluto moves very slowly, and aspecting the moon forces us to examine our feelings, emotional patterns and stuff from the past and childhood. This transit could well be the...
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    Sun/Moon personality combos

    This link has interesting infos about all Sun-Moon combos (scroll down to Sun-moon): All sun-moon combos...:cool:
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    Born Brahmin, Married Arab, highly Spiritual but something is missing

    Please try again , the link only goes to the page and not to any chart.:innocent:
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    Venus in Aquarius

    I know someone with Venus in Aquarius and a fairly spread out chart, and they like wearing odd and interesting colour combinations, i always put it down to Venus in Aqua. :smile:
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    Salutations one and all!

    Hi and Welcome! Hey, I also have a Taurus Sun and Pisces Ascendant!! :smile: But my moon is opposite yours in Libra... interesting...:sideways:
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    Collection of asteroid keywords

    Wow!!! Thank you!!!!! I don't know what to say... :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
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    mars/pluto in synastry. opinions???
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    mars/pluto in synastry. opinions??? This is an earlier thread about the same synastry-aspect. :smile:
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    mars/pluto in synastry. opinions???

    First of all, you either have your Mars squaring his Pluto, or opposite his Pluto, you can't have both! - is this a mistake?? Anyway, challenging aspects between Mars and Pluto in synastry are exactly that, challenging, and very much so... There will often be power struggles (overt or hidden)...
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    Help pls! 😢

    How to attach your chart :smile::
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    Does anyone find Scorpios attractive?

    Wow, this thread really took off...:wink: What is it about Scorpios??? Left the other Sun-signs waaaay behind...:lol: