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  1. Lotus

    Venus in scorpio

    Thanks NRodin for your post. What would then be the 'correct format' for expressing the Scorpio energy? Thanks
  2. Lotus


    Hey everyone, I am a returning member but still very much a newbie to astrology so thought I'd say hello. :) I have been struggling a lot and renewing my interest in astrology to see if it can bring some insights and healing to my life. I have a lot of issues with self acceptance. I have...
  3. Lotus

    Guess my ascendant ;)

    Leo or Cancer.
  4. Lotus

    How much can u know without time of births?

    Hi guys, Just wondering how much you can know about the compatibility/relationship btw two people without birth times? Can you still get significant information? Thanks!
  5. Lotus

    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    Asked if my ex-love and I will be together again. Looked up what the Hierophant meant in terms of love and it said commitment. Leaving Eight of Wands
  6. Lotus

    Why do water signs take romantic love so seriously to the point its a vital need?

    I can relate. I think a lot about relationships even when I am not in one and I have had periods of years of being alone. I am trying to tap into the positive aspect of my watery chart. I do have a deep desire to be in an intimate relationship and I know it can be my strength but it is...
  7. Lotus

    6 reasons you're single (Astrology)

    Venus in Scorpio.
  8. Lotus

    Scorpios are considered charismatic. Why is this?

    Thanks for your posts Miquar, very illuminating. There's a lot in what you said that I could ponder on for quite awhile! (I have scorp sun plus 4 other planets in scorp.) Thanks for pointing out that scorpio consciousness is concerned with the energy of relationships, I tend to forget that...
  9. Lotus

    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    I asked 'what meaningful thing can I do?' 3 of wands- seek out new horizons and adventures, take a big picture view. I am leaving.... Nine of Cups
  10. Lotus

    Opposite signs…cut from the same cloth?

    Interesting. As a scorpio sun, I find that of all the earth signs I tend to befriend Taureans more. I have known four Taurean women and all have been artists and have a love of sensuality (eg food, materials). I've heard opposite signs as being described as wanting the same things but...
  11. Lotus

    I think my Libra Asc & Scorpio Moon are in huge conflict..?

    I hear ya girl! I too am seeking to strip off my mask.... I tend to feel quite self destructive when I am not being expressive and creative. I need to get out there, and be who I am, unashamedly passionate, and yes to balance that with my desire for peace, social justice etc. Am seeing a...
  12. Lotus

    I think my Libra Asc & Scorpio Moon are in huge conflict..?

    Man, I can so relate to pretty much all you have said. Sorry, this will be a short reply as I need to head off to sleep. I have a Libra Moon and a Scopio Sun. So many people think I am really nice, social, easygoing etc butmost don't know how intense and emotional I really am. Oh yes, I do...
  13. Lotus

    Jupiter in 11th

    I am also very skilled at getting people together. I have Jupiter in Leo in the 11th.
  14. Lotus

    Venus retrograde @ 15'27" Aries March 6-April 17, 2009

    Oh, what an intense time this is! I just wrote to a friend of mine who is overseas that I am in love with. I have no idea what is going to happen between us and whether or not he wants to be with me. Hopefully the below from is true. You may finally see a friends transform to...
  15. Lotus

    Has anyone commented on your Natal Venus?

    Venus in Scorpio. Have recieved complimentary comments about my lips and legs.
  16. Lotus

    Jupiter in Leo

    I have challenges with laziness too! :p
  17. Lotus

    Jupiter in Leo

    Thanks Shining Ray! Best of Luck with your website, keep on shining! :sunny:
  18. Lotus

    Jupiter in Leo

    I had my first day back at uni yesterday (I deferred study for a couple of years). I am doing this amazing social ecology course called Learning and Creativity. I have been thinking for awhile now that I would like to train to do some sort of creative arts therapy, that way i can combine two of...
  19. Lotus

    Jupiter in Leo

    Your current website is beautiful with so many greatly insightful astrological interpretations. I really enjoy your writing style, it is very clear. Yeah, show off girl, you obviously have the goods! :p