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  1. queenfluff

    Synastry chart interpret requested please..

    thanks Rahu! No way do I want S/M in my life.. I am starting to believe he may be a misogynist or narc. Do you see anything like that in the chart? "Breaking down my self-esteem" And the fact that "his attitude will not change" would make me think that he is a destructive person who is...
  2. queenfluff

    Synastry chart interpret requested please..

    Hi rahu, I am not seeing the Sun Square Pluto in anything here.. Did you mean Sun opposition Pluto? I know he has that in his chart and his Sun is opposing my Pluto.
  3. queenfluff

    Synastry chart interpret requested please..

    rahu, I sincerely can not thank you enough for this.. I stepped away from the relationship with him about a week ago (1/17/15)and I stated "I needed space to think." Plus I am having health issues and felt like I was a burden to him with them because he didn't provide any support for me when I...
  4. queenfluff

    Synastry chart interpret requested please..

    He did not have his time of birth on his certificate. i already know that his Venus in my 5th is good and I believe His Moon conjunct my Venus is good. But we had big problems communicating on both our ends which was mostly online.. I am not sure on his rising sign. Big eyes, long eye lashes...
  5. queenfluff

    Everyone who's had transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Ascendant

    Aha! Saturn has been very close to my ascendant the past few months and yep the "preludes" to what is coming next have been happening. Changes at work (although not for me really - maybe more responsibility but that is OK), changes with family (not good but good for me as I do not have a good...
  6. queenfluff

    Saturn Transiting 12th House

    Thanks! Well, Jupiter is my 7th house right now (Gemini) which is NOT in harmony with the 12th stuff. You would think Jupiter in the 7th house would mean I would meet someone but with Saturn in 12th I am alone time now which no energy or time to socialize - and I don't even feel like it. So no...
  7. queenfluff

    Saturn Transiting 12th House

    A slight update on my Saturn in the 12th adventure. Yep, much aloneness. My parents were just in a car accident. They will be fine but my dad (Saturn) is still in the hosptial recovering. I heard that many people lose a parent during Saturn in 12th. I almost did but it ain't over yet. The...
  8. queenfluff

    How do you determine your most powerful planet? has a new free Color Horoscope feature based off your natal chart. Mine was Uranus with the top percentage of the planets than Chiron and Pluto (Pluto I knew). Not sure how this calculated but I was surprised. Uranus is the middle of my 5 planet stellium maybe that is why - I thought...
  9. queenfluff

    Which ascendants fit best the "good girl" look?

    Appearances are deceiving. I have Scorpio Rising and not even experienced astrologers could guess it. Probably because I have Nep conjunct within 3 and Moon conjuct that Neptune. Everyone guessed water as the asc but no one believed it was Scorpio until I showed my chart. Everyone thought it...
  10. queenfluff

    Saturn Transiting 12th House

    I am going through my 12th house Saturn transit right now. But honestly it isn't too bad - yet. It can't be worse than Saturn in Virgo which was the worst years of my life. I lost EVERYTHING - job and slowly all my money, health problems. My Virgo sun is in my 10th which starts a 5 planet...
  11. queenfluff

    ASC,aspects and appearance

    This is not a surprise for a Pisces Rising. See the link below and scroll down to Pisces Rising Neptune in the 1st house. It is all about the glamour. Marilyn Monroe had Neptune Rising (neptune in 1st house) -she was all about the glamour. Men loved her! I have the same Neptune placement. I am...
  12. queenfluff

    What Rising Sign Has the Best looks

    I agree about Neptune and Grace Kelly (Scorpio Rising btw) Of I am impartial because I have both (Neptune conjunt Scorpio Rising). But there is definately something about people with Neptune in the 1st - like Marilyn - fanatasy otherworldly. I prefer that Catherine Zeta Jones - not that she...
  13. queenfluff

    Signs at the Mall

    Yes, us Virgos do our vitamin shopping in secret - we wear disguises when we bring our big orderly lists to the Vitamin Shoppe. :) Actually most of us probably have secret online accounts that auto ship everything every month - more efficient than way you know. :biggrin: I am definately a list...
  14. queenfluff

    The Mystic Signature of Saturn

    What about those who Saturn doesn't really have any aspects? I have no major aspects to my Saturn - but it a focalizer in my chart at the end of a bucket handle.
  15. queenfluff

    Part of Fortune

    Wow Sage that was really informative. I'd ask you do mine but I don't want to hijack someelses thread. Very knowledgable. I didn't know the NN could be interepted that way. :)
  16. queenfluff

    Everyone who's had transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Ascendant

    Scorpio Ascendent - Saturn was in Taurus when I was born, 1969. So, 1982 to 1985 is when Saturn would have been in Scorpio last. Geez, so like puberty. :) That really seems to fit - awkward teenage phase. Just about to enter high school - zits etc... hahaha. I can't remember anything too...
  17. queenfluff

    Signs at the Mall

    I didn't write this one I found it online but thought it was funny ...and hey, we need a new Humor thread!! Where are the signs and what are they shopping for? Aries is at the Nike Store, fighting over the last pair of Air Max 95s. Taurus is going to Zales for jewelry, then to the Godiva...
  18. queenfluff

    I'm really sick of that virgo thing

    I should say too that it tends to be MALE Capricorn I have problems with - I don't know too many Capricorns but I know I have one female friend who I know is a Capricorn and she is like the anti- Capricorn - She is SOOO lazy and has no ambition. Weird, eh?? She and I got along pretty well except...
  19. queenfluff

    overcoming negative side of neptune

    My chart is opposite yours with Neptune for the square Sun - I have a sextile there - I have several conjunctions, sextiles and trines to my Neptune (its in my first house). The only square I have to it is to Venus. (that is one icky square I will tell you - fog o rama). I can say though I...