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    Would someone have a look for me in KP/Khullar astrology?

    1. I think you are not in India now. may be at home. stay there up to October 2011, 2. your marriage will be after in October 2011, may in be late half of 2012. 3. may be in beginning you will feel some difficulties but stay for three years. 4. 4th house and 4th lord will not allow you to stay...
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    Pregnancy and Astrology.

    no need for thanks, i am also praying to god for you.
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    Best time to put house up for sale

    see when your fourth house or lord will make the relation of jupiter and 11the house. that will the best time to sell your house. otherwise mail me your chart e.g date of birth/place of birth/timeof birth with time zone.
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    Gems + Stones: Tridosha Affinities

    what is gemini astrology.
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    Gems + Stones: Tridosha Affinities

    yes after result you can do. just buy BHRAT PARASHAR HORA SASHTRA (a ancient book of vedic /indian astrology. where you will find the original text. ASTAKVERGA is a hindu astrological terms.
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    Pregnancy and Astrology.

    CONGRATULATION : after all this is the time to be feel the true womenhood. why GOD create a women. you asked the indicators of pregnancy. ok just note down : 1. saturn and jupiter must be aspect your 5 house or ninth house or their lords. 2. mars must aspect your 5 and 9 house and lord to...
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    Solar eclipse

    Astrological analysis of Solar Eclipse of June 1/2, 2011………….. On June 1, people in northern North America, northern Europe, and northeastern Asia will be witnessing the partial solar eclipse. Those in the northern two-thirds of Alaska and much of northern Canada will see the Moon block up to 20...
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    Japan Earthquake- Uranus 0 degrees Aries

    that why i always get surprise on European astrology, they all are depend upon flooks. please make study and get some research and then come to result. was it happen earlier or not. see the history earthquake and Tsunami always come with some certain point. and these Uranus and Pluto are not...
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    The career that compliments me the best?

    send your detils on
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    Japan Earthquake- Uranus 0 degrees Aries

    it is strange, what happened with other Tsuname or earthquake, which were earlier. was this so called Uranus always hang on aries at 0 degree.