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  1. Bunraku

    Doom & Gloom

    I will give men the most toxic relationships they crave by citing&acting on every freudian theories and amping up up 1000 fold.
  2. Bunraku

    Doom & Gloom

    I don't give a $h1t transmuting negative energy into positive. *****, I will transmute it to cash after writing an NY times best seller. I love capitalism.
  3. Bunraku

    Astrologers Versus Astronomers

    Astronomy, science, engineering, etc. involves rigorous study of math, physics, chemistry, etc.... They all work to create/discover new theories, concepts, technologies, etc. It puts men on the moon and to outer space. They do useful things that benefit society. VS Astrology/astrologers talk...
  4. Bunraku

    Why is feminine body parts inherently cursed & sinful?

    Pudendum is latin for mid 17th century: from Latin pudenda (membra) ‘(parts) to be ashamed of’, neuter plural of the gerundive of pudere ‘be ashamed’. & was used for many centuries. & I don't want to hear lipservice either or you posting about how much of a feminist u r. I want the truth.
  5. Bunraku

    Pluto in modern astrology

    Lol this thing moves so slow, of course major life happenings can coincide with it because its transits can last for many months & years
  6. Bunraku

    Is God a woman?

    Why is God represented as a man, goes by male pronouns? Is a womans purpose only to birth a man who will succeed her? Or does she have a godly aspect to her as she gives birth to this being??
  7. Bunraku

    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    Why are posts being constantly deleted in this thread??
  8. Bunraku

    A Woman's Essence Seen Astrologically?

    What planet rules a woman's essence?
  9. Bunraku

    Will taking antipsychotics cut you off from God?

    So many beautiful and spiritual and enlightened people suddenly became numb and unaware after they took medications... this is very scary. My DR is trying to prescribe me some, but I refused. I have such a deep and profound connection that I do not want cut off. I see beautiful wonderful and...
  10. Bunraku

    CARBS. The devil? Or misunderstood?

    Nutrition & health are very important topics, but there are many people who are strictly against carbs because of their negative effects to the human body.
  11. Bunraku

    Is monkeypox real?

    I have been reading from several credible news sources that say that this is a government hoax meant to put the world in another lockdown, or something engineered by scientists to do so. What is the truth??
  12. Bunraku

    Doom & Gloom

    Just dance!!!! Burn those calories & negativities bb <3 we luv carbs 2 very good.
  13. Bunraku

    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    I'm posting here because it's the 1000th page lol Happy millennium !!
  14. Bunraku

    STOP mercury retro

    we need to make a petition!!
  15. Bunraku

    Wedding ideas

    For my wedding, I want to set up laser lights & disco ball & fog machine & massive speakers in the forest, so when the night comes we all can dance nonstop. I am just in love, i am just a being of love, i am love, and I will marry life, the universe, & myself.:love::love: send some songs ppl...
  16. Bunraku

    Typical Chat Thread

    My legs are literally so sore from dancing in the woods for the majority of daylight, but every day I fall deeper in love with nature :love: If y'all have been wondering where I've beeen
  17. Bunraku

    Read my chart request

    Mhmmmm :lol:
  18. Bunraku

    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    The magic words to summon me :love: And I just got on! The universe is on point as usual
  19. Bunraku

    Ukraine Invasion discussion thread.

    Wow this opened my mind up about Russia...
  20. Bunraku

    How do I use astrology for self-actualization?

    I'm really interested in a counseling type service to help me break through the blocks of life. I'm not really interested in psychological counseling or whatever, but rather interested from an astrological perspective as I find it to be more of an equal level in a client/astrologer way VS...