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    Is sun-conjunct mars an indicator of courage?

    It seems to me that by itself Sun/Mars aspects are likely too boost competiveness, assertiveness, etc., but the kind of aspect would point to control or lack of it. For instance, a trine should add stability, so smooth power, but a conjunction would point towards explosiveness, a square even...
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    The Twelfth House

    I don't want to write a book, so I'll try to answer some of your thoughts, on the fly. It's great to have an in depth discussion of such matters. About age 30: the link to Saturn is obvious. What I hear less about is Uranus, which forms a square to itself at age 21. Then at age 28...
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    The Twelfth House

    Before I answer, I should mention that I am totally aware that my chart is read differently in whole sign. It is not a system I feel comfortable with, but this is personal and not based on "logic"... I'm a week late because I can NOT get notifications working. <grrr> Doesn't this sort of come...
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    The Twelfth House

    Well, this gets interesting re tradiational and non-traditional astrology. There are those who completely deny any influence from Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. I am not one of them. :) One astrologer I knew claimed that reading the chart of someone who is far more evolved than we are is...
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    The Twelfth House

    Yes. I'm back. :) I lost a very close, dear friend who was a big part of this forum, and I think I had to go through a grieving process to find my way back. I'll tell you more about this in a PM, if you are interested. I'm sure you remember me as a bit of a maverick. I tend to be "agnostic" in...
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    The Twelfth House

    Nothing is certain except for death, taxes, and AW :) I seldom state any "facts" about what what X, Y or Z means in a chart unless I am referring to my own. And unlike many people, I have always made my chart available to anyone who wants to check. In my chart Pluto does not count for...
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    The Signs Behind The Wheel

    Should I turn left to go to the drugstore, now, or turn right and go home? Stop honking at me. Double Libra :)
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    How strong is your Mercury?

    ____ Mercury conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 10 points each. 0 points ____ Mercury conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 points each. 5 points if we count Uranus... ____ Mercury in minor aspect (sextile, semisextile, quincunx...
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    Obama Body Language

    Fox News is consistently biased towards the right. MSNBC is consistently biased towards the left. These two news stations are continually at war with each other. No Democrat is going to be fairly treated by Fox. No Republican is going to be fairly treated by MSNBC. That's just the way...
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    Horary Exercise known outcome aka Elephant in the Room exhibit A

    I think this was an excellent thread. If all of you who are experienced at horary will post original questions, setting up necessary background, that gives the rest of us a chance to try to solve the same questions, and after a reasonable time (two or three days, I think), the outcome can be...
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    Horary Exercise known outcome aka Elephant in the Room exhibit A

    Ej, I'm going to jump in here and just mention my personal POV. I'm not sure I will ever do a horary chart. In the past it has not been a personal goal of mine. However, I would personally not "have fun" or "enjoy" doing horary if I felt that it was giving me correct answers. In other words, I...
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    Horary Exercise known outcome aka Elephant in the Room exhibit A

    The elephant is going somewhere :) I love this idea. :) It gives a learner, like me, a chance to observe different techniques, and rather than having people argue about what works, or what is right, this gives us a chance to see things in action.
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    prominent figures

    I have never been comfortable with the official time of birth as shown on the published chart, 7:24 PM. But where did you get your time from? My problem with the official chart is that it is the least presidential-looking chart I've seen and just does not seem to describe Obama, as he really is.
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    The Houses: Past and Present.

    What ancients knew about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. And when was this info lost? Do you have a source?
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    Sun, moon and mercury in same sign

    My Sun/Moon are conjunct, thought the aspect is separating and about 7 degrees. My parents were together and happy together for nearly 50 years, until my father died at nearly 90 years of age.
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    Sun, moon and mercury in same sign

    There are 144 Sun/Moon combinations. 12 of them are Sun/Moon in the same sign. So on average expect one out of 12 people to have the Sun and Moon in the same sign. Since Mercury can always be in three signs relative to the Sun, figure about one person in 36 will have Sun/Moon/Mercury in the...
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    Saturn Rx in Libra battling

    Some thoughts: A saturn return merely means that saturn returns to where it was a birth. In some charts, Saturn is rather well placed by house, by sign and by aspects. In that case, when Saturn returns to the same place, it may reinforce things we already have learned and give us quiet...
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    Interpetation requested

    I watched my mother go through all the stages, and she died in stage 7. In some ways the last stages are actually better for some people. She suffered the worst when she still knew who she was and was aware of losing he ability to think. There are no right words to say to someone who is going...
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    Libra and Scorpio Stelliums; help!

    Great. :) I'm not easy-going by nature. Just the opposite. However, I tend to be incredibly hard on myself, and my job is about working with other people in a way that supports and builds. If I am hard on the people I work with, it is highly destructive. If I do not work on being less hard on...
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    Libra and Scorpio Stelliums; help!

    It's right now. :) I believe if you compare with the other chart you posted, you will find this is a bit different!