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  1. Misa

    2011's solar eclipses help!

    Well my natal Neptune is conjuction to my natal Uranus (as of all my generation is). My natal Moon and natal Venus are both opposed my natal Uranus.
  2. Misa

    2011's solar eclipses help!

    Hi everyone. Next January, the solar eclipse will crossing paths with my natal Uranus (13 degrees Capricorn) in my 2nd house and again in July with my natal Venus(9 degrees Cancer) in my 8th house!! Can anyone help me make sense of what next year's upcoming solar eclipses may bring?
  3. Misa

    Name That Song! ~Astrology Edition~

    Oooh! THis looks like a fun game! May I join? I've got a good one. With the :sun:'s out/ This is :scorpio:/ Here we are now/:leo:us
  4. Misa

    How does your sign affect how you shop?

    I'm a Taurus-Scorpio with a moon in cancer. When I first started working I used to blow my paychecks on shoes and clothes that I would buy off impulse and would just collect dust in my closet. Now that I'm a little older I think before I shop. One thing that I tend to do alot is buy alot of...
  5. Misa

    Can someone help me with something?

    Ok so obiviously I cant get an image to show. I think this will be more effective if I write down my birth date. May 17th 1991 Washington DC (USA) 8:05 PM
  6. Misa

    Natal chart for swine flu

    Hi. Since this has been all over the news for the past 6 months, I was wondering what does the natal chart of this pandemic look like? I do not know the exact date when the outbreaks began or if Im even asking the right thing, but I mainly want to know what kinds of transits were occuring the...
  7. Misa

    What Rising Sign Has the Best looks

    Well......... I'd have to say Scorpio risings are the most attractive physically and mentally because I myself happen to be a scorpio rising and that is what I happen to find the most attractive. Its all a matter of opinion really...
  8. Misa

    Can someone help me with something?

    Oops. I didnt realize the image didnt show. Im sorry. Hopefully this will do.
  9. Misa

    Can someone help me with something?

    Hi, Is there anyone on this forum who knows how to figure out a person's past life? I am trying to figure mine out and I need some assistance since I do not know what to look for. Also, can someone give me a clue of who or what I was in a past life? Thanks, my chart is located below...
  10. Misa

    How did you get into astrology?

    I got into astrology at a pretty young age(I was 9 or 10).I would like to say it was because I was into(And still am) the anime Sailor Moon is why I got into astrology. Obviously this isn't the real reason, the real reason is that my mom got me into it. She would study her chart and I would ask...
  11. Misa

    Why you would never want to date a ..............

    Lol! The Aquarius description sounded just like my ex boyfriend. Even though this was not meant to be taken seriously, I couldn't help but laugh. He loves Grateful dead, wore unusual outfits, and told me about all the wacky things he was going to do with his hair (shaving and dying the unshaven...
  12. Misa

    HIV/AIDS in a natal chart

    So what Im getting at is a planet (mainly Pluto, Saturn, and Mars) conjucting another Planet/aspect in primarily the 6th or 8th house. I read an article awhile back about this subject, it didnt answer much of my questions, but it from reading it, it made it seem like Chiron was the culprit in...
  13. Misa

    Hello Everyone!!

    Very nice to meet you, I'm also new, and I also happen to live in Virginia.
  14. Misa


    Hi! I'm pretty into learning what my past life might be, but I'm not sure how to get an accurate reading. Can someone help me figure out who I was in my past life. I was born on 5/17/91 at 8:05pm in Washington DC.
  15. Misa

    HIV/AIDS in a natal chart

    Hello, I have a few questions on how to look for HIV/AIDS in a person's natal chart. My questions are: What houses are mainly affected? What planets to look for? What transits would most likely be affected?
  16. Misa

    Venus in the 9th Anyone?

    Venus has just recently progressed to 9th house (which is in Leo) in my chart. Recently I've been looking up other cultures quite frequently and been wanting to travel and possibly live in other parts of the world. Maybe in college I will travel abroad since I plan on studying Japanese. Maybe...
  17. Misa


    Konnichi wa minna san. Im Misa. While I might be new to the forums, I am no stranger to astrology. I know alot for my age (well atleast I think I do) but I dont know everything. I am from the united states and I am learning to speak Japanese (hence the first sentence:wink:).