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    Genders, Sect, Modes, and Elements of the Planets, Signs, Houses, and Quadrants

    A reminder, the traditional forum is ONLY for traditional astrology discussions. If opinions are offered, try to cite sources so the logic can be followed. A good rule of thumb, if it is before the outer planets were discovered, you should be fairly safe.
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    Hi, my name is Amadeu!

    Hello Amadeu, Welcome to the forum! I look forward to your contributions here As a note, you may want to add your links to your site as part of your signature (like I have at the end of my post suggesting a visit to my blog) Otherwise, the links may be considered spam on the forum. Again a...
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    will I find love again?

    A number of posts (and unfortunately some good stuff here and there) have been deleted for being off topic The thread is in the relationship forum... Answer the horary chart question and move on! This is not a forum for debate about techniques. If threads continue to be hijacked in this...
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    Cricket Predictions USING Sports astrology

    Re: Sports astrology Just a reminder of the rules here on Astrology Weekly.... All posts in the sports Astrology forum require some astrological prediction or speaking of methods. Members that do not adhere to the rules are subject to be banned without notice.
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    Marriage Reading Please?

    It was pointed out to me that this thread had been in the read my chart forum. It does appear it was moved into the wrong forum.... hence my little lecture :innocent: It looks like another thread was meant to be moved and the wrong one was clicked upon..... so very sorry for any confusion...
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    What will my wife be like

    Though responses are welcome by all, this is the VERDIC ONLY forum. Please keep delineations to verdic and respect this system and the members that frequent this forum.
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    will I find love again?

    Of course you should include the chart you cast. As you can see from Clinton Soule's post that is his preference to use his technique, not everyone elses' will miss out on other delineations if you do not include your chart.
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    will I find love again?

    A reminder to all, that the horary forum welcomes all techniques. I do have to apologize once reading some of the quoted material, and am seeing some possible confusion by not having moderated during that period. Having taken some time away on academic pursuits, there has been neglect in...
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    will i get the money?

    The more of a back story will get you a better reading. I would still wonder what house to use without knowing more. Example, I have asked about when a school loan would come in to my account. I would look at the second, for me receiving and then the 11th house lord, as it is the turned 2...
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    Will we?

    The thread is now closed as there is no additional information to post. OP has started a new thread with a proper chart.
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    Show off your furry (or finny or feathered... or slimy) babies

    Raiden got a huge round of Awwws when I showed my kids.
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    Show off your furry (or finny or feathered... or slimy) babies

    Is he a schnauzer? He has such soulful eyes.
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    Show off your furry (or finny or feathered... or slimy) babies

    She is sooo cute with the black spot on the nose... I would want to poke her nose and say "BEEP" everytime she went by. We had a Gemini cat... there was no mistaking it, she would purr and the whole room could hear it. She was so loud and vocal, sounded like a Klingon screaming from room to...
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    Will we?

    It seems this thread has become more important about who is right about what technique and has ignored the needs of the OP. There is not to be any arguing about what technique MUST be used. The Trad Vs Modern technique and which is correct will from here out have full postings deleted. Both...
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    Show off your furry (or finny or feathered... or slimy) babies

    I am surprised how few uploads.... Well, I have a Cancer 6th house with the Moon and NN in it; so I can fill up this thread alone. :joyful: This is Lily (with my son, Uriah) She was given to us by a vet whose owners abandoned her there. So there is no knowing her signs.. but I believe either...
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    Hello everyone! :)

    Hello Nicole, Welcome to the forum. The members here are quite helpful so ask any questions that you are wondering about. Note we do have a show off sub forum located on General Chat forum that you can share your photos with the group.
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    If you are an astrologer, do you believe in Free Will

    A new thread was created by splitting off of off topic posts about copyright. Located here
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    Show off your furry (or finny or feathered... or slimy) babies

    My newest love of my life, Gunther! :love: He is a K9 flunky (police dog) that I adopted. He is a Sag, so going to be a huge baby on his first birthday. My daughter swears his eyes speak of a water sign. I think he flunked out because he has an odd sense of humor.
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    Hi Everyone!!

    Hello Erulastiel14, Welcome to the AW forum! Feel free to ask any questions that you may be curious about, the members here can be quite friendly. Is there a particular branch that you are interested in?
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    Hello vaishnava, Welcome to the forum! If you have any questions, ask away, the members here are quite friendly and willing to help out.