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  1. Neptune_Lady

    Horary Outlook for J getting into AF

    I did a Horary chart for J getting into the AF. Here is what I see, from a beginner's vantage point: J=Scorpio ASC...ruler=Mars is in Leo in the 10th...the actual house which I would assign to rule the Air Force(military) and it is forming a powerful conjunction to the Midheaven too. Then I...
  2. Neptune_Lady

    Pregnancy and weight loss

    In Carols Rushman's Book 'The Art of Predictive Astrology, she states that Saturn transiting the 5th can indicate success in weight-loss. Saturn is in your 5th.
  3. Neptune_Lady

    Solar Return Study

    Thank you, Gemini59 for the information and getting me started in a direction. Your interpretations really demonstrate how it all flows together. It's funny you mention an male relative. My elderly Uncle is hospitalized with Pneumonia. I've been praying for him, and in my heart I just 'feel' he...
  4. Neptune_Lady

    Solar Return Study

    Ok, thank you for that perspective. It's easy to become paranoid when fearing you see death in a chart. That is the danger of not understanding Astrology, and just surfing through it. It can lead to serious misinterpretations. :crying: Thank you for all the resource information. I am going to...
  5. Neptune_Lady

    Solar Return Study

    This past summer I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. I've been on a Naturopathic therapy program since summer, which is helping. However, I'm learning to adapt to a chronic and progressive disabling condition. My main fear in this disease process is loss of mobility and ending up in a wheel...
  6. Neptune_Lady

    Solar Return Study

    A progressed SR? How do you do that?
  7. Neptune_Lady

    Solar Return Study

    Ok, thank you.
  8. Neptune_Lady

    Solar Return Study

    Thank you. I posted a combo above. Am I correct in thinking I see a loss or change happening in connection with the 2nd house?
  9. Neptune_Lady

    Solar Return Study

    Here is something from that combines the two. Comparing it to my Natal, it looks like the event occurs against my 2nd house. Ok, so then would this most likely be a material loss then and not a loved one?
  10. Neptune_Lady

    Solar Return Study

    Thank you! If I did a wheel to include both the Natal and SR, which one would be at the center?
  11. Neptune_Lady

    Solar Return Study

    I've been trying to make sense of viewing the Solar Return charts like a clock of the year. From what I was told, you go counter-clockwise 1* a that roughly one month per house. As I've been studying my charts, from last Solar Return to the upcoming one I attempted to apply this new...
  12. Neptune_Lady

    Question about SR vs. Natal Houses

    Thank you.
  13. Neptune_Lady

    Question about SR vs. Natal Houses

    Thank you. I have another question. In looking at the 12 month period, do you read the months clock-wise or counter-clock-wise from the house where the Sun appears?
  14. Neptune_Lady

    Question about SR vs. Natal Houses

    I was just about to post this question, and saw it already posted here. The problem I'm having is the discrepancies in technique. Mary Shea says in a Bi-Wheel you use the SR as your base and set the Natal within it. However, Starlink says to use the Natal as the base which places the SR in the...
  15. Neptune_Lady

    1st Try at Horary

    deleted post....
  16. Neptune_Lady

    North Nodes

    That is a good question. She touches on this on page 11. Here is what she said, "If your North Node is in a house opposing the sign of your North Node(as noted above-Pisces NN in 6th House), it will be necessary for you to carefully and continuously check with yourself to find the right...
  17. Neptune_Lady

    Progressed ascendant.

    Wow this is interesting! Me too. :happy: I am at a 29.17 degree Cancer ASC with my Sun progressed to Aries 29.5 degrees. My Mars just progressed to Taurus last year, and my Moon will also progress to Taurus next I am looking forward to a Leo/Taurus energy to be pouring into my...
  18. Neptune_Lady

    World Transits Of 2010: Forecast & Warnings

    Thank you for the informative post. I am a novice, but in my studies back in 2006 I felt certain we were headed for an economic collapse too, and said as much. Didn't get a very warm response...go figure. :unsure: Anyhow, i've been concerned since I started my studies in 06, of the coming...
  19. Neptune_Lady

    Pisces: Sick and Tired

    Proud and happy Pisces here!:happy: Every sign has positive and negative qualities. Pisces is an easy target, but no better or worse than any other sign. hear the negatives, hear the positives...then CHOOSE to aim for the best a Pisces can be. Hey... our motto is "I BELIEVE" So believe...