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  1. Marcoilrosso

    Is it sound to plan the opening of a Bio shop?

    Is it sound to plan the opening of a Bio shop, during this Saturn cycle? (and before its return)? What do you think? To open a Bio shop is my will, and I am planning to do it. Here in Italy, bureucracy "kills infants at birth" not rarely, so I am in concern to get all possible infos and...
  2. Marcoilrosso

    Can anyone tell me why I'm so attracted to unavailable people?

    Usually, revolves around Venus, Neptune, Pisces factors.
  3. Marcoilrosso

    Quintile and biquintile aspects

    This is my chart. What do you think they mean the quintile-biquintile aspects? They are involving Venus-Uranus and Neptune, but there is even Sun-Pluto, Mars-Pluto.
  4. Marcoilrosso

    Moon-Mars square in a synastry chart

    Between a man and one of his potential life promoters (this one is more adult than him). They are two men. The moon is of the young man, mars is of the adult. There is as well mutual Sun-Jupiter conjunction. Matter here is: how do you think Moon-Mars will play in the future evenience? May the...
  5. Marcoilrosso

    Saturn prominence-midheaven both in the natal and transit

    It has come to signify, in my case, German language exam at the university that I failed and doesn't allow further progress in my university career, as well as teachers of this discipline of very standoffish attitude in my regard. I had done all exams on university apart this of the 2nd and 3rd...
  6. Marcoilrosso

    Can someone help me read progressions?

    Are progressions and directions not the same?
  7. Marcoilrosso

    Can someone help me read progressions?

    I am not in use of progressions and don't know about it. I write the date of today then click on progressed chart on, yet I doubt it is today date. Wonder about progressed mid heaven.
  8. Marcoilrosso

    Transiting Jupiter in the 7th and relationships

    Dietetics is one of my interests. My will is to create a bio shop, so that people form or strengthen the proclivity to eat more healthy. And it is new stuff around my parts. Influence my country's people eating habit is my aim.
  9. Marcoilrosso

    Transiting Jupiter in the 7th and relationships

    The meaning of my satellitiums I had found to be to put too many eggs in that basket. Well, I don't want to live a sociopathic life because of these aims either.
  10. Marcoilrosso

    Transiting Jupiter in the 7th and relationships

    Jupiter is transiting in 7th h as you can see from my chart. Perhaps may sound as an inner voice calling to renew the crave for relationships. Still I feel despondent about it. I come from a long series of setbacks from the past at length through the line of time, as well as some closing from...
  11. Marcoilrosso

    Saturn prominence and suffering

    Thank you so much for your comment, it makes me feel better. I want to ask you: what do you mean by Mars declination 22S11? I don't know this method to esteem astrological factors. Thank you for your comment, I feel it is constructive for me.
  12. Marcoilrosso

    Saturn prominence and suffering

    That sounds strange. Something like that I rather see it as a second-line metier.
  13. Marcoilrosso

    Saturn prominence and suffering

    None that I know.
  14. Marcoilrosso

    Saturn prominence and suffering

    No I wasn't asking that, of course. I mean: it is very common in the past, to have seen my peers as having (like me) really weird and distressing events without having ever asked for it. Do you mean that the few of the 88, have ever thought in their mind to put their head to astrology to have...
  15. Marcoilrosso

    Saturn prominence and suffering

    Can you explain it some more?
  16. Marcoilrosso

    Saturn prominence and suffering

    What I had noticed, the "Eastern square issue or matter" (that is the only way I manage to synthetize the two stelliums in dynamic contacts between 1st and 10th houses), ends to deprive and feel at loss with the Western one, as depleted. This plays not well about the private life and relational...
  17. Marcoilrosso

    Saturn prominence and suffering

    Oh well, there was my father in the bank, for 43 years of service in where he became even chief director: he retired the 1st april of this year. Really bank is one of my griefs, perhaps the prime one. When I asked my father if it would have been likely for me to take the line answer was: < that...
  18. Marcoilrosso

    Saturn prominence and suffering In a sense, more than a topic, it is a bit of my complaint for such suffering that seems vividly connected with Saturnian part, and the way I feel the burden, especially in the...
  19. Marcoilrosso

    Prejudices and astrology

    I want to speak with you about this matter: what do you think is the most involved zodiacal values involved in prejudices? Whose characters are most involved in prejudicial attitudes? And whose are the characters you think most target of it? My point of view is that the so-called negatives...
  20. Marcoilrosso

    Self-Deafeatist in the chart

    I prefer to be rough-and-ready (rather than have a system): and I use rather stricter orbs than the average. In this way, your only square contact is saturn-neptune. Not exactly the thing appropriate to excite some straight action. Remember that the preponderance of technical 'harmonies' is...