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    Jupiter and Saturn conjunct ascendant, difficulty in outlook.

    Hi there! I have them both exactly conjunct one another, mere seconds apart on my ascendant. I can absolutely relate to this whole thread. Mine takes on an even more frustrating quality because Venus rules my ascendant (Libra rising) and Saturn is in exaltation in Libra. Venus in my chart is...
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    Where is Bob Zemco?

    I've been gone a while myself at this point. I'm hoping to put more time in on the boards again and dust off my limited and rusty skills. It shall be interesting to see what I have retained, what's been lost and what's been honed in the background. Wish Bob was back though. I was hoping that...
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    What are my dominant planets ?

    Hello! Yes, your Venus conjunct the sun is in fact your chart ruler. They are on an angle too making them strong at initiating in life and in a fixed sign, you also have staying power. I rather like this conjunction. After that comes the Moon in dominance just because it is the highest planet...
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    Pluto Transits

    Pluto has been a bosom body for pretty much my whole life. He's placed natally in my 1st house conjunct my POF and rising below my Saturn/Jupiter conjunction on my asc. It has hit all of my planets with the exception of the previous two and Mars which it may not make the conjunction to in my...
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    Transiting Pluto square Natal Ascendant

    Hey there! It's really hard to say ya know? Almost all of my planets fall into the first quarter of my chart so one transit starts, I can expect to feel its effects for years upon years in one shape of form or another. I've decided that in many instances it's way too hard to tell what's actually...
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    Natal Libra Ascendant Progressing Into Scorpio

    I am going through this progression right now. I've been noticing over the last six months the same sort of changes within myself. Very unapologetic, and I find myself thinking things like 'F*** 'em,' where it used to be, 'Save the world!' I think the newly coined 'No F***s were given,' is a...
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    Do u "really" believe in telepathic link between people??

    Hey guys! Long time!!! Anyway, I believe that this is very possible. I just started dating a guy who whose Moon/Neptune conjunction is conjunct my Moon/Neptune conjunction. I always have exactly what he needs when he needs it and it goes the other way around too. The nonverbal communication...
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    Help me out

    If you attach a synastry bi-wheel you'll probably get some responses. Trying to read two separate charts is kinda tough.
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    double mars/chiron conjunction by transit

    Hello all! I was curious about this transit in my boyfriend's chart. transiting Mars and Chiron are both exactly conjunct the other in his natal chart. IE transiting Mars is conjunct natal Chiron and transiting Chiron is conjunct his natal mars. He said some things that indicated a rather...
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    Where is Bob Zemco?

    I knew I was 'checking in' for a reason. Welcome back!!!!
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    Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp?

    I don't know if you've ever used who signs; but you may want to try it. It simplifies a lot of things. One sign, one house, however the cusp would be every 30 degrees from the ascendant. So, it is possible for the 27th degree to be considered the cusp, if a person were to have an ascendant at...
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    Moon-Neptune opposition

    Hey Blackbird. I do not have the opposition, but I do have the conjunction between these two 'planets.' I think where Neptune is involved, it doesn't necessarily matter what the hard aspect is. It behaves pretty much the same way, in that it creates similar similarities. Moon/Neptune natives...
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    Why can't I let him go?

    I am literally only glancing at this before I am off, but one thing jumped out to me in a huge way. This guy is a double Capricorn with a sun/moon conjunction. He is likely one of the most insular people that you could ever possibly meet. The sun/moon conjunction in a person makes them...
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    scorpio stereotypes

    Deleting this post for reason specified below.
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    Rising signs/eyebrows & eye shapes?

    True. I only groom the brows once a week. I also have a natural arch and, of course almond eyes.
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    I'm an Aries Moon, but I'm not like my Aries Moon dad.

    I would also be curious about how you are. Have you passed your first Saturn Return yet? This is when the real gelling of personality happens. Perhaps you will find yourself reacting more like him as you age. Just a thought. My dad is a Sagittarian moon much like myself. We are a lot alike in...
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    Mutual Receptions

    I have an awesome mutual reception of Venus and Jupiter via my 1st and 3rd houses. 1st house Libra and 3rd house Sagittarius. Jupiter is in an exact conjunction with Saturn 4 degrees below my ascendant. I am very positive and upbeat most of the time. This is especially true after coming out of...
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    Pluto in Scorpio: Revolutions on the Horizon

    I love your post! Thanks for sharing. :)
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    Extreme charts

    I loved a very successful musician that had Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer, and Mercury in Virgo. I can not stress it enough when I say he is a living legend and hailed as one of the best at what he does. We no longer speak and it was a rather sad ending, but yeah, he had a lot of planets in the...
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    Transiting Pluto square Natal Ascendant

    It's almost a year later to the week since I left my last post here. I thought that I would follow up. Much has changed and at the same time, nothing has changed. How very typical of life, right? I am at my third job in a little over a year's time! I think that finally though, this one is the...