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    German Wings Crash - what happened?

    Hi All, if we look at the time of 10:40:47 am, Asc: gem 28 asc ruler Mercury at pisces 18 in house 10, exactly conjunct chiron at pisces 18 and conjunct neptune at pisces 8, So be aware of painful karmic issues that are going to pop up in contractual relationships(...
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    Unlawful Killing - Alleged Murder of Princess Diana

    Hello All, Man, I hope you all can understand this :) I have spent 2 hours on this and I am seeing double of everything :) So please bear with me! I came across an article that I can not find right now, :( that mentioned that you can use asteroids that have the same name as or similar to...
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    What can we learn from derivative houses?

    I have also found that sometimes when your natal chart does not make alot of scense that using your natal draconic chart works!
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    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    Hello, ok my question was "will ? be my next husband? and i have been left with the card Courage Under Fire Card? OMG this so fits my situation that i am in right now!!!!! Quick question however during a mercury retrograde does asking these question and getting a card still hold to the...
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    What can we learn from derivative houses?

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me with this question with derivative houses? If you are using your natal chart: and you have your natal sun(taurus) and mer(taurus) in your natal 2nd house/house cusp: Aries: Then using your natal 9th house(for 2nd husband)in scorpio: and count...
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    What will happen to me ??? some help, please !

    Hello, I would say" I would not contact her" to this chart. Your signifactorMars/scorpio/ruler and hers/tau/ven/scorp/det: are sitting in your 12th house of unknown, yet they are in an applying conjunction to eachother, so I have a feeling you and she will come into contact with eachother! and...
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    Major Illness. Pluto?

    Hello, Knees are represented by Cap, and elbows I believe is Gemini. You talk about having your third eye activated again, what do you know about visions of the "right foot and boots?" I have had this happen to me several times in the last three years where the "right foot" and or a "boot"...
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    Major Illness. Pluto?

    I would highly recommend also having your natal chart done with a draconic version also, this is also helpful with identify health issues. I hope some of this will help you:happy:, and hopefully give you some answers! Dana ok to continue: Ven/Pluto: has to with ovulaton. Mars/Uran...
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    Who has Uranus/Pluto in the 7th.

    Hello, I too have Pluto(Libra) in my 7th house: I feel powerless I have saturn(4th house /can) square Pluto, and my experience with my childhood, I had no power, I often found it hard to trust adults and what they say, and I had a hard time staying friends with kids my age for any lengh of...
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    Did he really die at age 27 years old?

    Thanks Dr. Farr! This is really cool that even without an exact birthtime known, you can still come to a relately accurate account of the person's life:happy:. However, if Edward was to change his name and assume a different identiity at age 28 years, would that show up on his natal...
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    Major Illness. Pluto?

    Hello, Interesting you have an aquar/ascendant/uran:Uranus: (All things that are strange) Genetic disorders: :Lupus :Albino Irregular chromasomes Brain damage :Cerebral Palsy :Seizures :Epilepsy Deformities Uranus=Spasmodic/rhythms are disrupted. Sun/Mars aspects...
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    Did he really die at age 27 years old?

    Re: Did he really die at age 28 years old? Thank you, Dr. Farr, I can't wait to see what you post:happy: Yeah he was 28 sorry about that!
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    Jesus' Birth Chart

    Hello, (If you use horary techique on this chart, it is very detailed as to what happened to him?) Just looking at some of these posts, they all seem very likely. Also, if you use this chart as a natal chart it is very accurate about his life(VERY SCAREY LOL)TOOOO ACCURATE!!!) Just thought I...
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    Did he really die at age 27 years old?

    LOL, He is a really interesting man on paper, though a short life! Just want to see if the life they say he had, adds up to the natal chart? Thanks for the link:happy:
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    Did he really die at age 27 years old?

    Yes, I didn't think about being able to punch in the birthdate on the internet:innocent::wink: but can you tell me anything based on the natal chart alone? I would really be Thankful!:happy: Dana
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    Did he really die at age 27 years old?

    Please anyone? Dana
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    Natalee Holloway & Joran van der Sloot - Natal Charts & Synastry

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    Did he really die at age 27 years old?

    Hello can anyone tell me if this Royal person really died at the age of 28 years or was this person older when they died, and did they have children? did they leave an inheritance? I will reveal who this is at a later time:whistling: Thank you Dana
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    For a learning lesson-Mercury,Venus,Mars,Saturn in 5th?

    Hello Arijana, First, This chart is screaming for your attention, and with all the retrograde planet in this chart, you will have alot of tring times ahead for awhile, but you will be all the stronger for it! The tenth house rules career, the boss, the judge, the mother...