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  1. nemesis

    What gives me my politeness?

    I was just thinking about this today and wondered where in my chart do my manners come from exactly? Let's just say I did not learn to be polite from my family. I am excessively polite and always making sure to be proper. I try to dress, act and express myself in a mannerly fashion. I despise...
  2. nemesis

    Why do some people annoy me so?

    I have a feeling it's my Saturn conjunct my Sun & Mercury or my Pisces Moon (or a combo) but not really sure. I'm pretty good at seeing through people and seeing through B.S. So a lot of the time someone most people like I do not since I can see them for who they really are. my chart is here...
  3. nemesis

    Can help me interpret this chart??

    Re: 4 planets in leo best to go to and post a wheel chart since most are more familiar with those.
  4. nemesis

    Should I text him?

    Okay thank you both of you very much :) Maybe I'll use a online text system and not my real number or just not at all. I will trust my instincts.
  5. nemesis

    Should I text him?

    A guy I met today gave me his number after we had a nice talk. I'm unsure about texting him and him having my number. Only because I just met him and I do not know a lot about him. I enjoyed the conversation just not sure if I want to take this further. Also from what he did tell me about...
  6. nemesis

    Antisocial behavior,explanation.

    Sorry I did not understand that entirely. Not sure if you're asking me if you are doing that or you actually are doing that. If you are doing this? I'm not sure what answer I should give to be honest. I feel like any answer I give at this point will be taken the wrong way =/ miquar is making...
  7. nemesis

    Moon signs and physical appearance

    I have a Pisces Moon and that is definitely true of me. I have a Taurus Asc but my face is oval shaped and my body type is not 'typical' of a Taurus Asc. I'm not over-weight, broad shouldered or stocky at all. I do have many Piscean features and for a while thought maybe my Asc was wrong because...
  8. nemesis

    What signs do you get along with the best?

    As far as Sun Signs go usually Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo and Pisces are the ones I get along with best. Especially Caps and Scorps :joyful: Worst? Probably other Leos & Sagittarius they just rub me the wrong way :annoyed: I'm a Leo Sun (5th Conjunct Mercury & Saturn), Pisces Moon (11th)...
  9. nemesis

    Antisocial behavior,explanation.

    Well again as mentioned on there is TONS of information on how to interpret what each symbol means. Also look at chart links like "personal portrait" it writes about certain aspects in your chart. There's a lot more than just wheels on there. I had to talk to people too it was a...
  10. nemesis

    Feminity, masculinity in a chart...

    It'd be best if you uploaded a link to your chart for the astrologers to read. just go to and get a wheel chart done there for free and save it then upload it onto this thread.
  11. nemesis

    The Ninth House and Religion

    My 9th is ruled by Capricorn and I have no planets there. I have Saturn in Virgo in my 5th House conjunct my Sun & Mercury. I respect religion as a whole but do not follow any religion. I'm not very interested in religion except maybe ancient Mythology if that counts. I believe in astrology...
  12. nemesis

    Antisocial behavior,explanation.

    I also have venus conjunct pluto and I can be exactly the same way. If you go to and look around you can see there are different charts and some give full explanations of each aspect. From my experience you basically just have to deal with it. It's part of your personality and it's...
  13. nemesis

    Algol's oddity

    Okay well as I mentioned I have not studied fixed stars much at all and obviously I read it wrong... I have no idea what Cih in Cassiopeia does but I guess I can look it up. Well... now I'm not sure what to think o.o I'll just let you two discuss it :tongue:
  14. nemesis

    Algol's oddity

    Oh it's okay (: I really did not know but I made a chart for you to look at as I'm not very familiar with fixed stars. Hopefully that works? Looks like I have Algol on my Asc actually which would make sense I suppose.
  15. nemesis

    Algol's oddity

    I've had my Asc progressed to Gemini for some years now so it's pretty much normal for me :P I'm probably more talkative because of it and maybe a little more intellectual. Given the air influence that is and probably a bit more unpredictable too lol.
  16. nemesis

    Help me figure out my chart please

    Taurus Asc has many bad stereotypes and not all Taurus Asc gain weight or are overweight. No matter what age they are. It also really depends on other aspects to the Asc. I am not great at reading the type of chart you posted but I'm guessing the aspects to your Asc help keep you from gaining...
  17. nemesis

    Algol's oddity

    Thanks lol you know I probably would. It has yes and my Moon has also progressed into Gemini actually.
  18. nemesis

    Algol's oddity

    That is also true and a good way to look at it (: Being a Taurus Asc. I know the dualities of these two signs quite well heh.
  19. nemesis

    Algol's oddity

    As mentioned Scorpio is not the only sign that relates to "sexual energy and revenge" and Taurus actually very much relates to both these traits. Being the opposite of Scorpio, it manifests in different ways but opposite signs have more in common than some might think. I also think the word...
  20. nemesis

    Chain Tarot: Ask a Question Before Clicking Here!!!!!

    did not know reversals were used here but either way it makes sense. I am normally a very intuitive person but I have been ignoring it lately and she is telling me to start using them again and giving myself some needed quiet time to focus. I leave: Four of Pentacles