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    Can anyone interpret the dominant or most influential aspects of this chart?

    Werewolf is a strong mars in cancer. All of the masculinity and drive from mars wading in the emotional spectrum of cancers loving protection and nourishment. You got full masculinity on the WHOLE emotional spectrum, ups and downs!
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    Very spiritual but drawn to 'darker' side - help

    Pluto and Jupiter located in interesting places, Jupiter is practically on the Great Cusp of Transformation AND it's on your DC. So, this translate to me as someone who "gets" Transformation and change quite easily and naturally. Especially with the strong scorpion energy already mentioned...
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    SR Craziness MC and DC Please look

    DOUBLE YOD I've been looking closer at this Jupiter Aspect, and I've noticed it's very close to the mid-point of my Saturn-Mars in my natal? It also form's a YOD with my Midheaven CON Pallas - Sun!! And this also forms another YOD MC Point back to Jupiter and Mars CON Pluto! I've got some...
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    SR Craziness MC and DC Please look

    I see so, not a death but an ending or change in relationship! This makes better sense, thank you for your reply I really appreciate you taking the time!
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    SR Craziness MC and DC Please look

    Hey people, my SR is very near. I'm wondering what anyone thinks of my upcoming year. Jupiter Rx in Scorpio House 2? Is this an inheritance? A job? A death? :devil: Chiron moving through my MC seems to be the hardest time of my life with work and where should I go?:sick: Pluto moving over my...
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    I want to look at some saturn return charts.

    I would absolutely LOVE this!! Mine starts around March 2013 @ 11º and then retrogrades, and doesn't become exact until Approx Oct 22 2013 which I've printed here, but if you look at this return I would ask that you go through the whole timeline as my Scorpio house is packed and Saturn spent a...
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    Can anyone interpret the dominant or most influential aspects of this chart?

    I agree, I would say Saturn and Venus have a lot of power in this chart, if not the most. Venus in Aries with strong opposition to Jupiter and moon in ,Libra with a T square to Mars in Cancer(OOOH a werewolf). Werewolf's have the whole Jekyl Hyde thing and it's in a powerful and influential...
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    Would anyone like to read my Solar Return 2018/19

    Looks like an intense year for you, especially as noted above you have the mc near the AC and AC near the IC. Usually this symbolizes some type of travel/move. There's also a really prevalent Mystic rectangle with Pluto, Chiron-Jupiter, Uranus-neptune, and Sun-Mercury; highlighted in the SR...
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    Looking for advise

    I'd conclude Saturn and Neptune were the source of your past 3 years. Currently you've got Neptune transiting your natal Saturn, and for all of us, this is entirely new as it hasn't happened in almost 200 years! Neptune at 15º Pisces is very special and it's a time to see the spirit in a whole...
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    Confused and/or Doomed? Help!

    You're definitely not Doomed! Although you might FEEL that way sometimes. Your chart is cleverly designed to have your feelings taking charge. Aries Moon, and it's at the head of the pack with the sun right behind it. I would make it a personal mission to log and track the moon, how it's...
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    A look at Pallas in my Natal

    Hello people, this is my first post. I've been doing a lot of research lately and with Chiron moving out of pisces I'm curious as to how this might affect me. I would LOVE any input on my entire chart. I would also like to know your thoughts about my heavily aspected Pallas Athena. Here's a...