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    saturn in 7th house

    No. It is impossible to make a prediction by considering placement of just one planet in a house
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    My Kal Saarpa Dosha & Going to Kaalahasti

    As Vrinchi said there is nothing like kal sarpa yoga. I have known very successful people with kaal sarpa yoga who have never suffered the consequences of kal sarpa yoga.
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    What is a "Horary Seed (1-249)"?

    This number determines the Ascendant position. After several research studies, Sri K.S. KrishnaMurtiji has found more fruitful results by using a number between 1 and 249, each number representing the sub division of the zodiac. For more information you can refer to this link...
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    Would someone have a look for me in KP/Khullar astrology?

    Vrinchi Ji, From your experience do you think this kind of query can be better answered by applying options theory of KP? Mahesh
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    Love Marriage Possibility

    You will have a love marriage. It is possible with the girl whose particulars you have give here.
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    Career Growth

    Hi: She should witness good career growth and decent job any time after July 3. She can go for higher education but she will need to work real hard for higher education.
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    Business growth

    From June 29 - Aug 28 your business will grow. Also period from Sept 18 is very good for your business. Mahesh
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    When could I conceive

    Hi: Please check the Private message I have sent you. I have tried to explain medical issue. Also the date is for child birth.
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    When could I conceive

    Hi: Using Birth time rectification techniques, your correct birth time is shown to be 2:43 am. Using this as the birth time your chart shows that you will be blessed with children during the period Sept 2013- Jan 2014. You should seek medical help. Mahesh
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    Anyone versed with KP system for prediction

    Well I can just answer your profound questions on the basis of what I believe in. Not sure if it is right or wrong. I believe we are all bound by destiny but there is some leeway given to us in terms of freewill. Like a cow tied, can move around (freewill) while being tied but can never be free...
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    Anyone versed with KP system for prediction

    How are you learning KP, self initiative using books or is there someone guiding you?
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    Anyone versed with KP system for prediction

    For the case born on 17/Sept, 7CSL is Sa not Rahu. Therefore not an intercast but spouse is much older to the native. Also Sa as the 7csl signifying 5h is in a movable sign showing failure in love not necessarily leading to marriage. Also if you notice csl of 5H is Me, which indicates...
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    Anyone versed with KP system for prediction

    Can you share the exact date of marriage? Was it a love marriage?
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    Anyone versed with KP system for prediction

    7csl is Ve. Fruitful significators are Ve, Ra, Ke Su, Me, Ju. Does it work now?
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    Anyone versed with KP system for prediction

    I experience with KP has been fantastic. I find it more scientific, and practical. I covers, natal , horary and numerology as well to some extent. Mahesh
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    Anyone versed with KP system for prediction

    Hi: Subloard of 7th cusp is Rahu. 7CSL is significator 2,7,11,5 in addition to some other house. From the basics of KP we know that marriage is possible if 7CSL signifies 2 or 7 or 11. Love marriage is indicated since 7CSL signifies 5H. For timing of the marriage, I have calculated...
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    Anyone versed with KP system for prediction

    According to KP Astrology you have strong chance of getting married during Ra-Ke_Ve dasa from June 2011 - Aug 2011. Due to paucity of time I have not done transit calculation. In all probability you will have a Inter caste or Inter religion love marriage. I have not considered Navamsha because...
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    Anyone versed with KP system for prediction

    I do KP astrology. what do you wish to know? Will be happy to help.
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    KP Horary Astrology

    KP Horary Astrology is very similar to Nadi Astrology Sandeep has talked about and successfully demonstrated in his post. This form of astrology is especially useful if Natal details of birth are not available. It can be used to answer one specific question at a time. If you wish to try this...
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    when will i get married?

    You will have a love marriage. Your married life is destined to be good. In all probablity you iwll marr during the Dasa of Me-Me-Ma which wll last from Nov 11 to early next year.