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    Hidden heritage

    People probably react that way because even though Hispanic counts as spaniard, people are usually referring to people of Latin America when using the word hispanic. You can't afford to go abroad? If so, did you look for scholarships or grants?
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    Hidden heritage

    Yes people always forget Latino is not a race, it is a culture. You can be blonde-blue eyed or Dark skinned with kinky hair and claim Latino.
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    Hidden heritage

    Loads of people of European descent(American and otherwise) have Spanish/Portugese. Spanish/Portugese is still very European, it doesn't make you Latin American(especially since that is a culture, not based on dna). Your race or heritage has nothing to with astrology. What you have discovered...
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    Masculine and feminine in astrology

    The terms masculine and feminine used commonly to describe a sign, isn't based so much on what we actually consider feminine or masculine. When people talk about this they are referring to if the energy of the sign is expressed internally(feminine) or externally(masculine). It would make more...
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    Does Venus give beauty to the face only?

    I am going to start off by saying people's beauty standards are getting too high, I bet your handsome friends bodies are just fine. Strong Venus(as well as the dwarf planets Eris and Quaoar) influence on the ascendant(or sometimes the Sun) creates can create harmonious, soft, indulgent, and...
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    You don't make sense, you are a millenial. No one fakes depression(and no one thinks its cool). Unfortunately depression is the product of modern western society. The people born 1997/1998 and onward are not considered millenials, that group is actually known to be more open-minded and...
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    Which planet rules GENERAL artistic ability, Venus or Neptune?

    I disagree, planets do not have genders. Neptune can indicate a more imaginative and dreamlike artistic sense, while the Venusian artistic sense is more about creating harmony or something pleasurable for others. Both sexes find ways to express this, but might decide to express it differently...
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    Tru Lilith in Pisces

    I believe when you say true lilith, you are referring to the lunar apogee(the farthest point from earth on the moon's orbit), not the hypothetical dust cloud or the small asteroid. A lot of things are wrongly assumed about lilith due to people just being lazy and going off the name. I don't...
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    I have so much good luck, is that because of my grand trine/kite?

    It's because of Jupiter, in your chart it is strong. If your ascendant/midheaven is close to accurate, it is one of your most dominant planets. Jupiter is conjunct/parallel the IC, contraparallel your Moon(the co-ruler of your Cancer ascendant, if correct). Jupiter is also closely conjunct the...
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    Still trying to understand the Scorpio worship in modern astrology.

    I do have to agree that modern pop astrology sort of worships Scorpio/Pluto. I find it very annoying. No sign is better than the other, every sign has their role to play. But yes Scorpio is a particularly strong sign, compared to other signs. Pluto/Scorpio's specialty is willfullness...
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    Difficult natal chart famous singer

    Successful and Famous people can have as many supposedly "difficult" aspects in their chart as a "normal" person. Many famous and successful people have had difficult lives before their success, and outside of their financial and public situation, some continue to have difficult lives. It is...
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    Weight gain with Jupiter conjuct sun?

    Yes Jupiter in transit can make someone a bit indulgent and make it easier to gain weight. But healthy weight loss is very much a possiblility during Jupiter transits, These are times of positivity, which could be help you follow better habits. Jupiter transits to the luminaries or ascendant can...
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    Is venus conjunct pluto same as venus in scorpio?

    Having two planets (especially a personal and a transpersonal planet) in one sign is never the same as having two planets and actual aspect to eachother. Planets like Pluto do not work strongly in the chart unless aspected in some way by a personal planet or angle/house cusp. Or are you asking...
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    Dwarf Planet Eris & Others

    You have to to look at the chart as a whole. Don't forget to include declinations. If you don't mind, you can send me your chart and I will take a look at it.
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    Is venus conjunct pluto same as venus in scorpio?

    I know people like to mix them up, but there is a clear difference between planets, signs, and houses. Venus in Scorpio and Venus-Pluto may both have the depth and resourcefullness when it comes to matters of the heart/harmony/affection/creativity. The sign is a mode while the planet is a...
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    Dwarf Planet Eris & Others

    I personally do not use Ixion and I have not done in-depth research on that object, so I cannot tell you about it. But I have done loads of research on Eris, Sedna, and Orcus(as well as Haumea, Makemake, Quaoar, 2002 MS4, 2007OR10, and Varuna.) This is what I have written before- "Eris...
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    "Almost" aspects

    I have personally not seen any validity in the "overcompensating" or "calling planets" theory. If someone is feeling strongly feeling an weak aspect, they may be getting that influence from somewhere else in the chart. I suggest you always look at declinations. I also suggest you take a look at...
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    Capricorn and Aquarius Energy

    When Saturn conjuncts or parallels our suns it will be a time to restrain, take stock, be more responsible, reap whatever you have sowed.
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    Capricorn and Aquarius Energy

    I have Uranus dominant in my chart, a stellium in Capricorn, several saturn aspects and makemake opposite the moon. I am pretty liberal but I always apply logic to it. I think in depth about the topics. I don't follow trends, nor do I just blindly follow some ideal, I question everything, if I...
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    What suggests ability to do math

    You can send me your chart and I can take a look at it, I am sure there is something there that you don't see.