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    Questions about Grand Cross

    Thanks for your great response! Honestly I'm not sure how the current Uranus opp. Moon is affecting me, I'm not really feeling much of anything that I can connect back to that transit. But the Uranus conjunct Mercury transit showed up for sure, through a rebirth of active communication with...
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    Questions about Grand Cross

    Thanks for the replies so far. I knew there was an element of this that was "uncertain" due to Mercury in my pattern being out of modality, and also my sister's pattern involving Chiron, which is not necessarily always interpreted. So I guess I was looking for some clarity, but it may be...
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    Questions about Grand Cross

    I haven't posted on here for a while but I am looking for some insight about the Grand Cross. I suppose this will have two main parts. Also my apologies if I am posting it in the wrong place... My first question has to do with the "technicalities" of the Grand Cross. Most places I've looked at...
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    Sun conjunct Uranus

    Re: Uranus conjunct sun I would imagine it would give an unpredictable, eccentric vibe to the person. This can definitely have both "good" and "bad" sides, it can make the person somewhat irrational at times in their behaviour, but also insightful, demonstrating new and novel ideas! There's...
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    Guess the Ascendant

    Sagittarius rising was my first thought. I'm getting a strong vibe. (Just to clarify, this is about the lady, not the guy.)
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    You're right, as far as I know she has the Moon and Neptune both in conjunction with her Ascendant, and Venus in sextile with it.
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    Aspects to Ascendant: Conjunctions and Parallels

    Apparently I have Venus conjunct my Ascendant, in the 12th house, and they are in the same sign, Taurus. And Venus rules Taurus, so maybe I should be typically Taurean, but I don't think I'm THAT Taurean. People have called me cute before lol, so I guess that's where the Venus thing comes in...
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    Moon-Mars aspects in the natal chart

    I have Moon trine Mars, and my own understanding of this aspect is that my emotions (Moon) and my physicality (Mars) are connected in a graceful way. So, it's like I can easily express emotions through physical activity, through my body. If I'm feeling irritated for instance, I start moving my...
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    sun square neptune... equals father?

    I have Sun square Neptune as well, and I did have a somewhat difficult relationship with my late father. He was an alcoholic, which my chart suggests - Sun square Neptune, and also Neptune in the 10th house and in conjunction with MC. I find that all this explains why I happened to be the son of...
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    Why did you get into astrology?

    I've been interested in astrology pretty much ever since I can remember. My mother has a friend who I was around a lot in childhood, and she was into astrology so it sparked an interest in me. I think it's an exciting thing, it helps you understand yourself and others better.
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    Is there anything in my chart that stands out?!?!

    Well, you have your Sun and Mercury in the 7th house which does indicate that you are inclined to think about that person that "completes" you, but you have both of those in opposition with Saturn, which can cause problems with finding that person. Saturn at its best gives discipline, and at its...
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    Why I don't look like a Taurus Rising.

    Do you have any planets conjunct your ascendant? And your pic also gives me a Pisces vibe, do you have anything in Pisces? Or maybe you have a strong Neptune?
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    My chart

    My chart - what are your views please? I just joined yesterday, and would love if someone looked at my chart :) I used to 'have' a different chart, which had Cancer ascendant, which suits me better than Taurus imo, but I discovered a piece of paper recently which had a different birth time...
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    Why I don't look like a Taurus Rising.

    I actually kinda do see Taurus rising in you. You have a Taurus-like 'earthiness' and friendliness in your face. I recently discovered I have Taurus rising too, but I don't particularly look like Taurus either, so I understand your confusion and/or frustration :P
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    Beyonce Knowles ascendant

    I get a bit of a Taurus vibe from Beyoncé, so that is my guess for her Ascendant. She has that "earthy" face kinda thing going on, which I often see in Taureans.
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    What is a 'moon sign' and whats the difference? (and how to work it out?)

    Hi! Basically the sign in which your Sun is in (known as your 'Sun sign' or in common language 'star sign'), refers to your general personality, way of acting, and your ego. The Moon represents your emotions. So if you have Moon in Capricorn for instance, that means that your emotions are...
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    Hello! I'm new, an Arian with (probably) Taurus Rising. I've never really been part of an astrology forum before, but I've been interested in astrology for years so I thought this might be interesting for me :) And the introduction is over :)