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    Putin: White hat or villain?

    Yes thanks for comment Elena. I agree Mars trine Pluto has enormous transformational power. As well being in Sag and Leo as displaying his well known machismo! Putin did, of course bring some order and economic stability to Russia after the chaos of the Yeltsin years, and to the former Soviet...
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    Will I get the job?

    Let us know how it goes! My sense is he might be the contact for your next big gig rather than an employer for long. He likes your Leo Mars/ Venus enthusiasm but it also squares (his) moon Taurus practicality so he might not really trust you that much. You’d have to prove yourself reliable. What...
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    I’m very new to forums

    Hi Michael I’m new too. I picked up a bunch of little Alan Leo texts on astrology in London when I was 22. It all immediately made sense and I’ve never stopped studying, even though back then it took several hours to cast a chart by hand!
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    Do these Uranus transits have something to do with the project I've been working on?

    Wow what a focussed chart! And yes the current Uranus transit in your sixth makes sense of you pulling this together. Venus is currently transiting Leo. It’s just a hunch but when she crosses Mars on your MC she’ll shortly be coming into a grand earth trine with your progressed Venus in Cap...
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    Putin: White hat or villain?

    I’ve watched Putin since he came to power with a sense of dread. He was born, if the Libra 1952 chart is correct, 4 months before I was (with an Aqua Sun.) I too have a Scorpio Asc, Pluto and the SN very close to the MC in Leo and an 8th house Gemini moon. I’m a therapist not a political...
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    Part of Fortune in Modern Astrology

    I use part of fortune by its other name part of joy, it helps an interpretation to be not just about material well being but what brings joy.
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    Anyone feels so tired because of the eclipse reaching?

    The Leo eclipse in 1999 was very close to my MC conjunct Hecate at 19/20 Leo with Pluto at a 22 Leo. I moved countries NZ to West Australia. . The Leo eclipse Next Week is at 28 Leo sextile Saturn and the transiting NN conjuncts Pluto exactly in Sept.... Oh transiting Jupiter Libra is opposite...