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    Will I discover her secrets?

    Have you considered she is perhaps an untidy person and cleaning the house may be underway for you to visit in the future?
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    Which job should I take?

    Wondering if one of them is working from home.
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    will i pass?

    Reading your chart, what are your impressions?
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    Is there another woman or love interests in his life right now?

    Hello, We can see that you are new, but we need you to at least make some kind of attempt at interpreting this chart. Its the wrong kind, we usually prefer a regiomentanus chart and set in mean mode. There are those who don't, but most of us do. You can get this at
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    Why am I not losing weight?

    As a fellow struggler, I can tell you that excercise and keeping eating what you want will never work. The way to do it is to make sure that your plate is two thirds vegetables or salad. Things like baked beans on toast with only a scrape of marg or butter, make vegetable soups etc. Once you can...
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    is my boyfriend on tinder?

    Why don't you join tinder and look?
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    Is this a regiomentanus chart set in mean mode? Gosh, adoring you. Lucky you.
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    Is he stalking me?

    Why do you think that he is? He is 7th house with leo having the sun as his ruler. It is in his 9th house, your third of siblings and friendships. I think you are Uranus with Pluto in the first, but close but not quite conjunct to each other. He is ahead of you so moving away. We ignore Verte...
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    Why aren't they engaging?

    What kind of chart is that|?
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    does he actually give a flying **** about me anymore?

    One way of getting a horary chart at astro is make a natal, then go into extended charts, change it to regiomentanus, and yes I know there are other ways, but for the sake of her getting a chart to look at this is the easier I think. Then go down and click on Mean Node, then click on the chart...
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    It is a health matter, related to the sixth house and also to the ninth house of beliefs.
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    This is about my friend who is not doing so well...I notice the moon in the 12th but not sure if it is him or me. Saturn sextiles uranus in the 2nd and interestingly pluto is in aquarius which is transformation. Mars sextiles jupiter, is he Jupiter? Uranus conjuncts Jupiter in the fourth house...
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    Does my brother care about me?

    Sympathies to you my dear. My brother is in with a scallywag too who has split the family.
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    Any improvements in my mental health?

    Apart from the chart, I can tell you these situations can take a while. Look inwardly, is everything fine and dandy, or are there things which could be keeping it alive? Been down this road many times...if the situation remains, it generally means that something is freaking you out and you can...
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    Should I rehome her? :(

    There is only one question. Do you WANT to take this animal in.?
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    Will I revise the exams?

    You won't see anything about that in here....
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    Will I revise the exams?

    Well if you see that have faith in yourself and concentrate on your work.
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    Will my husband be handsome?

    Lets see what you make of the chart.
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    Will I revise the exams?

    What is your interpretation of the chart?