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    Thank you so very much for taking the time to look at aspects for me. I am facinated by your findings and I learned uch from you:) I look forward to reading all the links you sent to me :)
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    Saturn transits to Midheaven

    I have Natal Saturn Conjunct my mid Heaven. I have grown used to this energy. It has creatd a situation where I must remain focused and disaplined to acheive even the smallest bit of success or feeling of moving forward. As a native to this aspect I have learned to know it is there and have...
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    Thank you....My hope is that it will get
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    Thank you......Is there hope it will improve?
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    Difficult Times Very difficult time right now. Can anyone see why?
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    Triple water chart

    Beautiful Tough and mysterious.....It's all good ! Psychic too I would bet
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    Those haunting eyes....what's her ascendant?

    Her eyes are so intense I could only guess scorpio.
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    Saturn Conjunct Mid Heaven Hi everyone ! I am so thrilled to find a page where I can talk about and learn more about Astrology! :sideways: I am wondering if the main reasons I have had so much loss, tradgedy and hard work with no real success is my Saturn on the midheaven and the Uranus...