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    Is the Dow Jones/ Stock Market going to fall again?

    Well, the short answer, of course, is yes! Because that's what stock markets do. you mean, um, 'crash'? Answer, of course, is yes, as well. The chart for the New York Stock Market is May 17, 1792. When the market crashed on Sep 29, 2008, Saturn was conjunct NYSE Mars in mid-Virgo...
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    Why Astrology Works

    WHY ASTROLOGY WORKS Life is full of turning points, and, more often than not, they come as a surprise, with no warning, like a fastball, high and inside, from a knuckleball pitcher. The turning point under regard today was not a pitch, high and inside. In 1998, I was sitting in a coffee shop...
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    When to play the lottery?

    i notice that a Jupiter Uranus opposition is coming up the end of Sept. 2017 across my 5th/11th house axis that exactly forms an exact T square to my Jupiter Uranus midpoint at 27 Cancer. I have a pet theory that if i could find someone who has major lucky placements on the 27th degree of...