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  1. tikana

    Should I break up with Z? I'm stuck!

    this whole chart bothers me. The question makes sense. OP wants a child; the bf doesnt yet he wants to marry her. He doesnt want to be the biological father of her child (am I getting this right?) So from the sperm bank she gets a sperm @IleneK. It looks like this relationship is bound for...
  2. tikana

    Is he in love with me too

    withoout looking at the chart, you think it is healthy to have someone who is jelous of anyone while being married? now looking at the chart Sun is the wife Jupiter is him Merc is you Moon is your emotions venus is your sexuality Sun trines Jupiter (he wont leave due to money *2nd house*)...
  3. tikana

    Is he as interested in me as I am him?

    dump him here is why Saturn on asce - red flag you are Jupi peregrine your head is not clear what you want your moon is (emotions) in gemini obviously emotionally you are wanting him venus is in scorpio- your fem side ugh yeah good luck with this one. You dont feel right at all as a woman him...
  4. tikana

    Horary: Does my other half loves me? please help me read

    *** what wife? it's a husband. *** I read it as querent's husband doesnt love the querent. read the who loves whom more it is in house 7 issues. if L7 is in h1, quested loves the querent, if L1 is in H7, querent loves the quested.
  5. tikana

    Horary: Does my other half loves me? please help me read

    He shouldn't be using it as an exemption because if you are asking, "will my lover leave his wife for me" you might end up having moon as his wife. There is no way around it - he will remain with his wife. The querent was very clear there is no 3rd party. if that is the case, what is the moon...
  6. tikana

    Horary: Does my other half loves me? please help me read

    The ONLY time when I have seen Moon being an interference/prohibition, is there was a horary who gets the job. L1 was going against L7. Moon was on MH. My call was this is NOT a querent. This is 3rd person. sure enough another woman got the job but querent didnt have a shot at this. and L7 was...
  7. tikana

    Horary: Does my other half loves me? please help me read

    moon corules the querent! Therefore it is not a prohibition of any kind :) show me the quote from William Lilly where he brings up Moon as prohibitive element
  8. tikana

    Horary: Does my other half loves me? please help me read

    not when Moon corules the querent. Moon does not rule 7th house therefore it not a prohibition nor being prohibited :)
  9. tikana

    Horary: Does my other half loves me? please help me read

    Read up on reception, it will give you a better picture on receiving and rejecting :) You didnt ask if you will or when divorce or separate. you asked if your other half loves you. I am not seeing it. L4 should not be entering H7. if the question is trivial, it might not be answered correctly...
  10. tikana

    Horary: Does my other half loves me? please help me read

    moon is not prohibiting here. it is saying that his relationship is running aground. Moon is his emotion in 5th house in libra. his heart wants to be loved however it is squaring his head (Merc) he doesnt like the way he is being treated in a relationship. Then Jupiter is retro and will...
  11. tikana

    Will mx husband file for divorce?

    I think he will in 2+ units months?
  12. tikana

    is he married?

    the dude is married moon / jupiter /venus plus he is in your 12th .. secrets
  13. tikana

    Should I accept the job

    I wouldnt . Because 6th house is everyday work place ---- ruler of 6th house is Merc, Ill placed towards Saturn which happens to be in PIsces. L10 possesses no streigth and it is opposing your Saturn by rules. Moon is in 8th house in virgo - even more bad news. Meh I'd pass
  14. tikana

    Russia & China , the new Super Power?

    The irony is Eisenhower was right. Which murdering billions are you talking about?
  15. tikana

    Venus debilitated in Virgo???

    I already mentioned that. I am replying from a western astrology standpoint. I could care less for vedic, tbh.
  16. tikana

    which venus/mars sign is the best

    Leomoon Its sooo complicated that you cant just base Venus in pisces to do a certain thing. You have to see where the dispositor is and asce. It is not that simple. I wish it was very simple. If anything people with Venus in piesces remind me of Natasha Rostova (war and peace) or Elizabeth...
  17. tikana

    which venus/mars sign is the best

    FYI triplicity is based on classical elements nothing to do with who rules what
  18. tikana

    which venus/mars sign is the best

  19. tikana


    First, we need to prove the existence of reincarnation, then deal with the natal charts. dont get me wrong I believe there is but beliefs are not hard evidence
  20. tikana

    which venus/mars sign is the best

    victoria beckham or kourtney kardashian or penelope cruz all had venus in pisces They are surrounded by the need to live flamboyantly and "royally" if it is a right word. Beckham built a beauty empire - venus on top of MH in pisces conj jupiter kourney k has venus in pisces in 1st house...