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    Barack Obama's Birth Certificate Data is Invalid

    So is there a consensus as to what the actual time is? I have 2 charts I use,but am unsure which is correct. Any ideas? If so please post the chart that is agreed on as there has to be one! McCain's chart was agreed upon after much research as he was born in Panama. This is perhaps the...
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    Celebrity Astrologers

    One astrologer who never gave their chart info was "Betty Lundsted" who worked as a researcher and was respected by her fellow astrologers.She never got the fame she deserved due to the fact she never wanted fame as I do not,but her insight was very good. Her work into transits and...
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    Thyroid problems

    The Thyroid is ruled Taurus for certain IMO as I have an overactive Thyroid and am heavily Taurian. What ither significators I do not know,but also the 6th/12th ais has been involved for me. The neck is also ruled by Tau and the head by Aries.
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    Heart trouble

    I just went through heart surgery 2 months ago. Leo ,the Sun and the 3rd,6th,9th and 12th might play a part in his condition/ I would need to see the chart along with what has been suggested. Any squares or oppositions to the Sun? Maybe Mercury and Mars are active in the chart also .Mars rules...
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    Goldenhar Syndrome

    I had talked to Patrick in the past and I will get back to this thread .If I do not please remind me and I will study these charts again.
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    5-planet stellium

    Career orientated ,Mother usually emphasized along with the home which might be a place where you work from much of the time. You should look at the progressed chart and if the slower personal planets move across Jupiter in your case then it will set off certain events. If the MC angle...
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    The North Node In Pisces/South In Virgo Club

    I have SN-Pisces NN-Virgo.10th/4th respectively. Ur has been playing havoc with my SN for sometime now.
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    Astrology Software

    Anyone get Astrolog to run with Windows Vista Home Edition OS? If so what do I need to know to get it running? TIA
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    No Air!

    We all have the elements in us even if we do not have planets in their signs or if they are not angular. I also have no planets in Air and it is my belief that we try to adjust to make up for the lack of something when it is not present in the chart. There is a famous Director like Steven...
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    My ASC's ruler is conjunct Saturn :(

    Are you in a technical field like engineering as most I know that have this aspect are in some tyoe of field which involves problem solving with math.
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    Black Moon Lillith

    I have BML=Asc Cancer and I do not see my mother hating me nor do I hate anything as I always thougyht it was a very bad emotion.To nderstand is most important for me. It maybe those having it conjunct something need to deal with some kind of negative understanding of something. Any object...
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    Black Moon Lillith

    A Female AStrologer\Witch named Starhawk was profiled in Mt.Astrologer and she had BML=Sn MC . Cybil Leek another famous astrologer\Witch .She also had BML=Sn /Ve on the 4th. I have BML=Asc and am not into witchcraft or Satanism,but have meet those who are including a Warlock.I am closer to...
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    To be an Astronaut!

    There are plenty of charts for them adn when I was in the service I meet many of them. Nothing special.Most have mechanical ability and nothing about outer space. The most famous I meet were Musgrave,who fixed the Hubble.Sally Ride and Crippen who was the first comander of the Shuttle...
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    celebrities and moon in 9th

    It has to do with popularity .I have also found Uranus and the Nodes to bring about popularity for those having such placements. It does not need be positive popularity either,but it attracts attention such as one being the life of the party for some reason.
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    Birth Stats of Most Famous Personalities

    Gauquelin Sectors Might wish to study the sectors directly preceding the angles as for there being powerful influences n the chart also. It seems that when planets are found in those area's they will have significant power in the life of the person. the area right before the ascendant I have...
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    The chart of Marilyn Monroe is a very good chart to use whereas it will show that any planet which closely aspects the Vx will have a marked effect in the life of the subject. You have to remember also that the hard angles will mark the person in life. Her's is found in the 5th with hard...
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    Noel Tyl

    No,an astrologer is not called upon to be a seer.That is not my point. My point is that I would like to find an astrologer with intuitive ability which in all my years I have not. Marc Edmound Jones got the symbols for the degree's from a seer. I do not know weather they were also...
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    Black Moon Lillith

    It is hard for me to seperate the influences of the bodies mentioned due to having them placed at exact aspects in my chart.BML=Asc trined by Chiron 9th exact. I never use to think much of secondary bodies until I saw some show up when certain things occureed in my life and having them...
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    Black Moon Lillith

    This is interesting only because I have been thinking of the subject and suffer from it. BML is right before my Asc at an Aries point and I have a T-Square at my Aries Points Angular so they are very charged. Just like Cops and others that have seen a lot I need to deal with the worst of...
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    Why John McCain Will Not Become President

    I looked at the anugral day charts before and I cannot remember what they indicated ,but then it looked like Obama would be making the speech . Tim Russet did a breakdown of the Electorial collage before departing and it shall be close. IMO and it is not astrolological the nation has had...