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    Think I'm cursed.

    S a t u r n! Sag-Turn! :whistling: It's Sag's turn. Sorry. :D Look at Saturn sneaking up on that little Pluto... then look back at your chart. --
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    Does Jupiter in 8th Scorpio for female only attract bad men?

    Yes, but it is due to Jupiter being Rx (retrograde) in the 8th. The retrograde in Scorpio is providing the magic and seductiveness to you, winding back, a sense of revealing... So, question is, how do we solve this... well, what kind of man do you want to attract? have you got an idea? a clear...
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    Mars in Leo in 12th house, RETROGRADE!! ..... Greaaaat...

    Are you psychic? medium? I can feel that you are. And a very subtle one I must admit. Even your chart point to it, very watery and in tune. You might want to explore that if you aren't aware of it (yet)
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    My astral map: searching for answers

    Chiron in Cancer in the 11th house. Yeah... much pain regarding home. The trine to the Moon and somewhat Pluto, intensifies it, cutting through the heart like a laserbeam. Soon, you will have your Saturn return. Somewhere in 2019-2022... Saturn in Capricorn, trining Mars doesn't seem a happy...
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    Read My Chart Please? Volatile Emotions?

    Like me, your Sun squares your moon. So we can shake hands. Your head says one thing, and your heart another thing. It can be a blessing, or a curse. Depends how you look at it... :biggrin: it can make you great in philosophy or science, because we can question our thoughts, which is important...
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    Weird life & weird chart?

    Don't worry, there is no such thing as volunteering. :biggrin: it is a law of nature that everything will be balanced and compensated for, eventually.
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    A Discussion Thread About Racism in America

    Mind Games ;) We're playing those mind games together Pushing the barriers planting seeds Playing the mind guerrilla Chanting the Mantra peace on earth We all been playing those mind games forever Some kinda druid dudes lifting the veil Doing the mind...
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    A Discussion Thread About Racism in America

    Well, the thing that is on focal point will catch fire and burn. It's physics. So if one seeks to find racism, guess what? you'll find it, get it and even create it by focusing and opposing it, and the more it will manifest. Law of attraction and magnification, and thus karma, in full effect...
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    Love of my life- please help me interpret our composite

    Lot's of action, hot stuff with that bunching up in Sagittarius and Scorpio .. :whistling: :happy: Seems good to me. Enjoy.
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    I'm desperate !!!!!!!!!

    Chiron in the 1st house of your identity is hugging (clinging) your ascendant, which has a big impact on who you are, and think you are. Venus that sits next to it and The Moon in the 12th that compounds it, is interesting as well. You might want to look up/google: Chiron in the 1st house and...
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    Which gem should I wear?

    If in doubt, simply pick the stone that resonates with your sun sign. That's always nice. Labradorite resonates with Sagittarius, so that's a good choice. As for wearing stones that are outside or do not resonate with your sign, that is a little tricky. It's best to use these stones at home...
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    Dominant planet/sign?

    The Sun is always at the center. At least, it should sit in the center of the star of creation, which resides inside of ourselves as a micro cosmos. The question about dominant planets, I think, is a somewhat erroneous one. Unless you seek some sort of remedy against a strong influence. Yet, I...
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    Can somebody read this part of my chart?

    Well, that answer can be found on Google. :smile: Picking something out of context doesn't do you any good. You can look everything up on Google. But the finesse lies in the interpretation, in the experience. Otherwise, you could simply run the software and print out a report. Which some...
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    What aspects jump out at you?

    Mecury Rx is really hitting it today, doesn't it? :happy: much confusion. :sideways: A question or problem would be good, next to a full astrodienst chart. Not because it's astrodienst (I don't like their charts), but simply because were used to stare at them. :biggrin:
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    Can somebody read this part of my chart?

    It's best to post the entire chart, complete with tables, DOB/time/and location. Name is obviously not required for privacy reasons. Sure, we could calculate/guess your age, but we rather don't. We have more things to do. :smile: Also, some of us look at patterns in the tables. From...
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    mid life crisis !

    It would be nice if you could post your DOB, and location. From Pluto's and Saturns position, I am guessing that you were born around 1972-1974, which means that you either already had a Neptune square natal Neptune, or one is coming soon. Usually around the age of 42, which more or less kick...
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    How does one learn to be less obsessive?

    It is best to balance the elements in equal proportion. Air, Fire, Earth and Water. These are the domains of daily life. The represent Health, Wisdom, Wealth and Happiness. They all influence one another. To create balance and harmony. If one is out of balance, then it needs remedy. Wealth might...
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    How does one learn to be less obsessive?

    I would say yes. Interestingly enough, I see Cancer as the Taurus of the water signs. :joyful: It has many similarities.
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    Life advice, need help

    The synastry chart you posted in another thread, indicates a fated meeting with the person you are interested in. The Saturn Chiron square in this synastry, and the fact that Saturn is squaring Chiron until November, says to me that your desire to break free is strong because of this pull, but...
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    Infant Daughter's 4th House

    Here is what I see: Your reaction to her chart is what she is going to experience all her life. This is due to her Chiron in the 7th. She's already rejected. I mean, read what you wrote down. This is the fate most Scorpio's. They are ignored. They are treated with instant suspicion. Instant...