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    no luck finding a job since 2018

    Moon anthra in the current running period Saturn dasha -Jupiter bhukti which is from April 2022 till July 2022 is a favorable period. You should land a job in the second week of may. keep trying hard and all the best. let us know on the updates.
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    Marriage question

    Hello, message me in my inbox. I have a suitable match for this horoscope
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    Siblings marriage question

    marriage can happen sometime in 2023 between March till May. match horoscopes with the prospect before proceeding as the girl can have some breaks/legal issues in marriage during 2031.
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    job change ?

    there is a good chance of job change during April 4 till May 29 on this year, but this will be under Ketu anthra period so dont expect it to be a very satisfying one.
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    Heavy Six House means denial of marriage ?

    may i know which website/astrologer did you pay for vedic consultation?
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    Comprehensive Books of Karakas

    is that book freely available on internet like KSK Readers? or are people charging even for the book?
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    Total disaster in career. Worried and stressed!!!!

    based on horary, it is possible during 19-10-2024 to 13-11-2024 period
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    Total disaster in career. Worried and stressed!!!!

    i dont see what you have described as per the time you gave. Either the time needs rectification or you can go by horary for any one query you have in mind. I would request you to meditate on your favorite god and think of a number between 1 to 249 (both included) and ask ONLY ONE question along...
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    Total disaster in career. Worried and stressed!!!!

    is your birth time accurate??
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    Change in Job

    6th house does represent daily duty and job. entire Venus dasha does represent houses which signify changing jobs so be ready for it. make sure you are actively applying for jobs and keep searching for it, do not lose hope. you would require multiple attempts in getting success in any events...
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    Saturn Mahadasha and Sade sati

    I remember you have already asked about marriage last year and did a horary at that time. I am not going to analyze again, but re-quoting what was said last time - marriage during 26-Aug-2021 to 12-Sep-2021
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    Im pretty sure I have a lot of marital unhappiness but pleaseee

    ma'am , did you get any chance to marry during these periods? If yes, why did you not proceed during those periods? 1. 2011 May to 2012 March 2. 2013 October to 2014 October please provide feedback.
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    Marital Happiness

    ma'am, yes rahu dasha is 18 years long but when Rahu transits in Mars and Sun stars it gives troubles. When Rahu dasha stars next year in July, I believe from October 2021 to June 2022 Rahu transits in Sun star Krittika, so it might cause troubles then. I pray it wont go to divorce, but i see at...
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    Marital Happiness

    your marriage house is afflicted madam. I am sorry to say the next Rahu dasha from 2021 July is also not good. You can expect a divorce after July 2021.I am not saying this to scare you, I just want to lay the ground facts so you can make informed decisions in life.
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    Delayed/No Marriage

    sir, your current dasha lord is the 6th lord which is a negative house for marriage. it is not connected to 7th house. it only gets an aspect from the karaka Venus. also in this year and next Jupiter transits in your natal 7th house. if it was connected to favorable houses, it would have brought...
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    Any idea on my future spouse's zodiac sign ?

    can you please explain how did you say fire signs? I am just curious to know as I am not that proficient in Vedic
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    Any idea on my future spouse's zodiac sign ?

    no i agree. but even i am curious how you will arrive at finding spouse signs from Vedic. can you answer the question by the poster on exactly the zodiacal signs of his/her spouse?
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    Any idea on my future spouse's zodiac sign ?

    i believe the poster specifically asked about zodiacal signs of spouse to be answered through Vedic.
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    Marriage not happening because of Vedic Astrology

    Prashna dasha Jupiter-Rahu-Rahu-Saturn From 08-11-2020 to 29-11-2020 you can change