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    Occulist natal chart?

    From looking at your chart I think you show some great indicators of being able to study, and explore the occult. you have mercury and Jupiter in the 8th house of the occult, so you naturally find it interesting. it is also in the sign of Pieces, which is a great sign for the 8th house if your...
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    Weird coincidence..?

    To me Chiron is something that I also find kind of confusing, but what I think is that maybe you are meant to be a healer for people have relationship problems? maybe a counselor? or a judge? Something I have noticed in my own birth chart is that I have Chiron in my 9th house and I was hurt in...
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    Should I become a teacher? (please help)

    my mother is a teacher and she has an Aquarius sun and moon so with a rising libra and she is the most patient and nurturing person ever. Aquarians seem to have a natural instinct to teach and with you having Saturn in Aquarius in your 5th house I think you would do great teaching children art...
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    Saturn and Past Karma?

    Hi everyone! I just have a couple of questions about my birth chart. I've recently noticed that Saturn aspects every planet in my natal chart and my Jupiter is also in my 12th house. I was wondering if this is any indicator of past karma or life lessons. Let me know and I would love to hear any...