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    sun square neptune... equals father?

    Moon conjunct IC, opposition to Saturn and Pluto on MC. My family drama and turmoil puts all yours to shame lol.
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    Career and Chiron, Ceres, Lillith

    Then why bother even consulting astrology in the first place if you've had these feelings since childhood? Self-validation? Egomania? Lack of confidence? What triggering event precipitated looking into astrology for career? Smh....
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    Career and Chiron, Ceres, Lillith

    Honestly, I see nothing in the natal chart that suggests a career in medicine, and I'm not sure if he will be happy in that career. What I do see is a law or government related type of position. Mercury in Virgo is great for science and the studying of facts (medicine, law). It is in the...
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    What makes cooks and chefs?

    I'd look into a Leo Moon, or moon in the 5th house. I think that's a significator for cooking ability.
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    Locational Astrology

    You're living under what kind of Saturn line?
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    aspects and configurations...that make good writers

    I can personally agree with this. Here are some of my aspects and placements that give me superb writing skills: Mercury in Virgo in the 8th House (north node Gemini in 6th house - Virgo's natural domicile) Mercury trine Ascendant (excellent one right here) Moon in the 3rd House (Gemini's...
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    The Big One

    deleted by author
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    9th Harmonic Chart - which aspects?

    I recently decided to delve into the harmonic charts, specifically the 9th Harmonic. I really think it relates to the marriage partner very much, with possible hints towards career. I'm not sure if you're supposed to exclusively use the Hindu/Lahiri sidereal system or the Western tropical...
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    Relationship Karma and Past Life Suicide

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    Juno and POF in my new love interest

    craziness slanderous posting
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    U.S. Navy Yard Incident: Aries Connection?

    deleted by author
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    Birth Place SR vs. Relocated SR

    deleted by author
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    Beginning of influence of solar chart energy?

    I also agree that you can begin to feel the effects of a Solar Return up to 3 months before your birthday. For example, I have a heavy 4th house emphasis (with the 8th playing a secondary role) this year. I relocated to the West Coast in August (birthday is in 2 weeks). However, I'm not sure...
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    What transits show relocation?

    I'd say that the progressed Moon on the 4th House cusp/in the 4th House is a good indication for a move. Also, progressed MC in Sagittarius could indicate a move for career.
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    Locational Astrology

    I've already mentioned just how bad Saturn-Pluto-MC lines are. I'm sure you guys have read my comments about that in a previous thread. Get out while you can! I've got 4 days left before I officially move out of my dreadful location :)
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    Your Atmakaraka

    Really? How did you find my Moon to be in Taurus? I've only seen that it comes up in Aries, 29 degrees 47 minutes. My moon is in Aries for both Western and Vedic astrology.
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    Your Atmakaraka

    Mine is the Moon in my Western chart, but Mercury in my Vedic chart. When I think back on my life, I was always heavily involved with studying, and I was the best in any class that I took. Now that I'm looking to explore law as a new career field, I think Mercury would serve me even better...
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    What are the indicators...(lawyer)

    Atmakaraka is the planet located in the highest degree in your chart. What is its significance? I can't find much about this concept online except for its definition in youtube videos. Also, shouldn't you take the atmakaraka from the vedic chart rather than the Western chart? In my Western...
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    What are the indicators...(lawyer)

    I think you'd be a great lawyer. Definitely go for it! I worked in pathology labs assisting pathologists. I definitely had the urge to go to medical school, but some of my college courses weren't considered "medical school worthy" prerequisites. I really got angry at that fact, and there was...
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    Scorpios and the psychology of revenge

    Yay, another fan of Saturn's beneficence towards Scorpio :happy: What you said above makes complete sense. Saturn and Scorpio are very connected to each other. Taking a look at my chart again (this time, from a Vedic perspective), my Saturn is in Libra. So it's Scorpio in my Western chart...