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    Manipulative cheater or lost innocent?

    Sounds like a true blue Aquarian. lol
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    birth chart

    Oh wow, almost a year ahead of my birthday; March 26, 1989. 2:58 pm. = / Maybe we do! ;^)
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    What's up with me & my ex? (Virgo + Aries)

    I know that it has been pointed out before, but there is more to us than our sun signs. Aries and Virgo have hope! One of my closest friends is a Virgo; I admire her steadfast nature and contrary to what the astrology sites say, I enjoy her 'fussing'; she can take a typical fire sign impulse...
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    birth chart

    oO shcutie what is your birthday? You and I have the same Sun, Ascendant, Moon, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Plutos in common :eek:
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    Indications of writing talents

    Hmm.. with a Mercury in Gemini you might want to stick to informative or analytical writing. When you say writing do you mean like journalism, or as in novels, fiction, etc. You may wish to look for water in your chart; with some strong water influence you will be able to flesh out really deep...
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    Will my Saggitarus ex return?

    I don't mean to be callous about personal details, but this situation of young Sag/old Sag is almost exactly like another story I read on a dead astrology board a while ago... :o I guess it's just a general theme, so you shouldn't feel too bad?
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    Will my Saggitarus ex return?

    lawls :D But seriously can we see his chart?
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    All The Nadya Suleman (Octomom) Astrology You Can Eat!

    Those poor's not fair the types of people some kids end up having to deal with....
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    Guess the signs!!!

    I'll second (third?) the Scorpio, Libra, Capricorn, Gemini.
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    Will my Saggitarus ex return?

    I don't think that he will. I've read that people with sun in Sagittarius generally either get married early and then feel 'stuck' and want out (to go exploring I presume), or they do this 'exploring' in their youth and don't settle down until much later in life. From what I've read so far...
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    New moon in Aries-March 26th

    oO The new moon is occuring on my birthday, and I have a Sun at 6 degrees Aries.
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    I want to know about my career!

    To some extent your parents and sister may be correct, but don't despair! With Grand Trines the talent is there; your 'lesson' is in bringing it out and accepting that hard work is necessary for success; Also check out: Hope...
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    Chart reading.. help with focus?

    .... I am a girl.
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    Chart reading.. help with focus?

    I found Sun square Saturn particularly illuminating ... I think that is true; I feel self conscious even when alone. From elementary school to high school I was always the odd man out. I did a great deal of troublemaking in elementary school, and always seemed to get a more severe punishment...
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    Aspects supporting GENIUS or ECCENTRICITY!!!

    My Mercury (Pisces!?) is SQUARE Uranus, there's nothing in my 3rd except Pluto and Moon, nothing in Sagittarius, and Jupiter's (and Mars oO) are in GEMINI! Arrrgh I'm a fool. :mad:
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    How did you get on with Mother/moon?

    That's very like my mom. She is intent on having science career children: physician, pharmacist, engineer, etc. She does not look at things in terms of peoples' dreams or ambitions, etc, only what will bring prestige and stability. Again, it seems pretty accurate. My mom was good at angling...
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    The most dangerous zodiac sign?

    I have to agree. I've met a lot of Libras who even in regular cases need to resort to some sort of psychological leveraging to get their points across. They generally hate confrontation, and wind up in this weird state of repression of their opinions or w/e that then progresses to 'emotional...
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    The most dangerous zodiac sign?

    Hitler: Aries (:eek:) Napoleon: Leo (:rolleyes:)
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    Your Mercury and Your Learning Style

    Yeah, that has been around for a while. Might want to check out;
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    Your Mercury and Your Learning Style

    Holistic Learning. Holistic / global learning is what is being compared here. To sequential learning. Sequential learning is the one that benefits from rote memorization, sequence in the presentation of ideas and language study. It's probably the learning style of people who excelled in...