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    Autism & Asperger's in natal chart
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    Have.question.for.asking... Been.married.twice.and.all.relationships. *Chart has elapsed* This is how you may post...
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    Autism & Asperger's in natal chart First.what
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    Would someone please look at this information for me...Is there any similarities? Wednesday, September 29, 1976 at 9:24 am Groton, CT USA This is my chart. I am diagnosed with autism, Kanners type and would like to have some thoughts and lessons on recognizing the signs of autism in my...
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    Autism & Asperger's in natal chart

    Would anyone like to look at a chart of an autistic. It is myself. Wednesday, September 29,1976 at 9:24 am in Groton, CT, USA. I am just trying to learn to spot the signs in my chart...Could you please help.