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    Fire vs Water charts in synastry

    Hi, i might have asked about this issue before; anyway, the question is actually about fire vs water charts; i mean, assuming someones chart to be ruled by fire signs and someone elses' by water signs, does that mean that they would be rather unable to get along with each otherr?
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    3rd House & Mars etc

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    3rd House & Mars etc

    Hi; is anyone is familiar with the logic behind the association of the 3th house with (many seem to be Mars' traits?): Primal mind Aggresion Sex-raw sex I found those traits in a vedic astrology survey, seemingly. So to speak, it reminded me of BML traits. Assuming the 3rd ruled by...
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    Pluto & Neptune at same sign degrees within 12 months

    Hi, Pluto & Neptune are actually at 28.Cap and 24 pisces, respectively; one year ago they were almost at the same degrees (in the case of Neptune, it was 22 Pisces.degrees.instead of 24 Pisces); respectively, they are transiting 2nd house and.4th house (sun house); do such transits happen from...
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    How does ruler Jupiter conjunct lilith looks like?

    Is 6th house (virgo) related to real state, house, money, erx? Thanks
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    Thanks a lot(!) Great answer(!) Greetings (!)
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    How does ruler Jupiter conjunct lilith looks like?

    Thanks(!); lilith in Taurus 6th house (same as jupiter, both sq Acquarius 3rd house)(?)
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    How does ruler Jupiter conjunct lilith looks like?

    Hi; ive just got to the issue of what would natal Jupiter conjunct Lilith and (both) sq Mars look like; im 21 pisces sun (sq) 16 sag moon & (sq) 23 sag ascendant, so i guess Jupiter is the ruler of the chart; any insigth would be great; greetings (!)
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    Astrological clues for mountains

    Sorry my reply being rather late; awesome answer (very comprehensive!), thanks a lot(!!)
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    Hi, are there some astrological signs that could explain asma?. thanks a lot for any insigth, greetings
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    Several major transits at once (?)

    Hi looking at the present planetary landscape i noticed that there are several transits making conjunctions regarding my chart; tr Jupiter conjunct natal Vertex (opposite natal Uranus, also); tr Saturn conjunct IC; tr Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter; tr Neptune conjunct Sun (sq Asc) plus Nodes...
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    Transit Pluto 2nd house

    Hi, my question is about some features of transit Pluto through 2nd house for someone (me) with Sun square Moon and Sun square Asc; i just realized that both these aspects might mean some additional features regarding tr Pluto 2nd house (money issues, power issues, values issues, etc)(?), though...
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    Mutable chart with sun sq moon sq asc

    Hi,. My chart has sun in pisces 21 sq sag moon 16 and also sq sag asc 23 (sort of double whammy sun sq, i guess); muy chart is supposed to be a mutable (fire lead) chart; so now i start to wonder how does the mutable vs fixed vs cardinal interact with a chart full of square (?); I just got to...
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    pluto transit 2nd house

    hi, Pluto have been transiting my 2nd house since 2015; so there had been 8 years of the transit so far; since 2nd house is a money and resources house, Pluto often seems to strip away such resources; my question is whether things turn to improve as Pluto leaves 2nd house (entering 3rd house)...
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    Transit Eris conjunct SN and Eris

    Hi; the webpage i use for reading chart from time to time has updated some functions and added the aspecting fixes stars and alike regarding a given natal chart; so i found that Eris is now conjunct natal Venus and SN; what are some issues about these aspects by transit? (My chart has 2...
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    Leo and Saturn in same house=Saturn conj Sun?

    my chart has Mars in 23 Acquarius (sq Jupiter in Taurus)
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    Leo and Saturn in same house=Saturn conj Sun?

    What is the ruler of.your chart, by the way? Thanks
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    Leo and Saturn in same house=Saturn conj Sun?

    Thank you! Sun is in 4th house ( (Saturn sq Uranus in scorpio, also)