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    When will my husband and I settle, and in which country?

    FOR: Moon square Venus (general significator of love) with reception Moon trine Jupiter, Mercury, the ruler of the VII., in the I. house (whole sign) Mercury sextile Jupiter with reception (but 17° apart) AGAINST: Mercury combust Mars squares Jupiter, the ruler of the ASC CONCLUSION: The most...
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    Will he marry someoe else?

    FOR: - Venus is reaching sextil with Mars - Moon is applying to Venus with reception AGAINST: - Venus is slowing down, and it will turn before she reaches the sextil with Mars (but it is very close) CONCLUSION: Positive indications prevail. In questions concerning past relationships...
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    Am I going to meet him in December?

    The answer is NO. The reasons are: 1. The ruler of the I. house is retrograde planet (Saturn) 2. The Moon, ruler of the VII. hosue, is vodi of course 3. There is no aspect between Saturn and Moon Give me feedback please.
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    Am I pregnant? Confused on some placements

    The answer is NO. Yes would be, if 1. the ruler of the ASC or Moon were in the V. house (Sahl ibn Bishr) 2. the ruler of the V. house were in the I. house (Sahl) 3. the ruler of the ASC were in an angle (or were received by a planet in an angle) and free from impediments. (Bonatti) 4. Moon...
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    Career Opportunities

    Jupiter is you and a career. Moon is making an applying trine to Jupiter. It means, there will be a career opportunity. Jupiter is in the XII. - not ideal. It could be something connected with solitude, hospitals, prisons and other meanings of the XII. house.
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    Will I find true, reciprocal love soon?

    Yes, Jupiter is retrograde, and in the 12th house. It is in its own (Ptolemaic) terms and sect, so I didn't see it as helpless. -> I don´t use (Ptolemaic) terms, in Egyptian terms it is in Mars terms. But even if it would be in its own terms, it is very week dignity. Retrogression is one of...
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    Will I find true, reciprocal love soon?

    FOR: Jupiter trigne Mercury (but week reception) AGAINST: Jupiter retrograde Jupiter in XII. Moon applying conjunction Saturn Venus (detriment) square Saturn Jupiter applying trine Mercury means, there will be an encounter. But since Jupiter is week in XII. and retrograde and there isn´t...
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    Will we be together?

    Mercury trine Jupiter is promising, but Jupiter is retrograde and there is just weak reception and Jupiter is cadent, I think, it is not enough for clear "YES", retrograde planet means for example, that someone changes his mind, but when we count also Moon cj Venus with reception, it might...
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    You are signified by the Jupiter and the Moon. He is signified by the Mercury. The Moon applies by sextile to the Mercury. So there will be a contact in between you and your ex. But since Moon is faster, it looks like, you will contact him. Mercury is also stationary. So he is pasive and...
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    I would like to know more...

    Do you mean about natal chart, or transit ? Because in natal chart, there is important water element predominance. There is Sun, ASC, and ruler of ASC in water signs. Water is about intuition, emotions, secrets, so this could be someone intuitive, and someone hard to know, always hiding...
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    Free online astrology lessons

    Hi, If you are interested in astrology and want to learn basics, I have prepared for you some lessons, so you can try and enjoy.
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    Will I have a boyfriend next year?

    Karen Hamaker-Zondag is experienced astrologer, but ok, there several approaches in horary astrology, but I think this forum is about sharing these different approaches. I'm curious what will happen, Lily1983 please, let us know.
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    Will I have a boyfriend next year?

    I 've got a example, it is from book Horary astrology by Karen Hamaker-Zondag. Question about partnership. There is similar situation, the first aspects of the Moon are not positive, but there is further one positive, connecting with significator of question, with potential partner, and it...
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    Will I have a boyfriend next year?

    I don't agree, I think you have to count with all aspect while is Moon in the sign, we shall see what will happen.
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    Will I have a boyfriend next year?

    Are you serious? You don't see that Moon is approaching sextile Venus and Mars?
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    Will I have a boyfriend next year?

    This is not prohibition, "Where two planets are applying to aspect but before the aspect perfects another planet overtakes the first and perfects an aspect with the second." This is not the case, that two planets are applying, but Moon is connecting them with translation of light...
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    Will I have a boyfriend next year?

    yes, I have understood that part about Uranus, but I have asked about the Moon, what do you think?
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    Will I have a boyfriend next year?

    Uranus is about collecting of light. But, when you don't use Uranus, what do you think about Moon translating light from Venus to Mars?
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    Will I have a boyfriend next year?

    yes it is possible to judge timing, but I'm not sure, hove to judge, when it is collecting of light or translating of light, Venus will turn to direct motion one day after your question, Venus is the potential boyfriend, retrograd planets are week in acting outwardly.