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    Saturn transiting neptune and problems at work

    Hi all. Saturn is going stationary on my Neptune (I think the transit lasts until May). It is in the 2nd house. What has happened was that very embarrassingly I got pulled up at work and told my attire needed to improve. If it slipped again I would get a verbal warning. I have taken the advice...
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    Aspects of being a bully, or being bullied at school

    I'm sorry about the bullying. It sounds awful. People who are bullies have lots of garbage, and are taking it out by being mean to other people. I forgot to say that that bully who used to be at my work who had Sun in Pisces was a fraud - he had lied about his experience and qualifications. I...
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    Aspects of being a bully, or being bullied at school

    I have read that the star Zozma is associated with the tendency to get picked on and victimised. Thus having to develop resistance to it. I have it close to my 11th house Saturn, and was bullied at school. I also have a lot of Pluto and Scorpio in my chart. There used to be a bully at my work...
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    Astrology elsewhere in the universe

    Do you think that if we started moving to other planets we would find that entire sides of life would begin to change? What I'm thinking is that we might have astrological energies of different planets and moons. As above, do you think the signs would have the same meanings throughout the solar...
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    Astrology elsewhere in the universe

    I wonder how astrology would work on Io? There would be all of Jupiter's other moons as well. Are you meaning that things might change with every degree, hence moving one degree away from Earth? I strongly believe that knowing the answer to the question could reveal something about how the...
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    Astrology elsewhere in the universe

    Thanks very much for sharing your ideas. I would guess that the ascendant, midheaven and aspects would have the same meanings wherever you were as they would still have the same meanings symbolically. Do you think Jupiter and Saturn would have the same meanings on Mars as they do here...
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    Chiron in the 7th house and relationships

    Wherever Chiron is placed in our charts shows where we are wounded, either physically or psychologically. I have Chiron in the 7th house and I certainly have great difficulty with relationships (I have Asperger's Syndrome). I have read that, whereas with Saturn you can work really hard and...
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    Being a Victim and Neptune

    I think at the moment Zosma is at about 10 degrees of Virgo. I believe the positive side of it is that, assuming you manage to overcome the victim tendency, you can become really compassionate and good at helping other people who've been victimised. I suppose that like Saturn it is ultimately a...
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    Being a Victim and Neptune

    I have heard that the fixed star Zosma is associated with victims, and being bullied. It is close to my 11th house Saturn, so I guess that would mean problems socialising and making friends due to a tendency to get picked on and bullied.
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    Neptune and disappointment

    I know that Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all are or can be associated with complications and things not working out in a completely straightforward way. In astrological textbooks Neptune is often associated with disappointment. Does this mean disappointments in the general sense...
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    The moon's nodes in transit and progression

    I have never really read any textbooks interpreting the transits and progressions of the moon's nodes. What are they likely to mean? I am not sure whether they would be more to do with the direction you were heading in life or more to do with your associations with others. I am particularly...
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    Neptune-Node combinations

    If I remember correctly I think it said A LACK OF COMMUNITY SENSE OR TEAM SPIRIT about the combination overall, and ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR specifically about the conjunction. It sounds like you have experienced this combination positively. Perhaps the author of that book did not properly...
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    Uranus conjunct IC

    Transiting Uranus crossing the IC is a time when the base of your being will be rocked as never before. This is an analogy similar to one someone used. When I had this transit ( and I was getting Pluto square Saturn at the same time ) I discovered that I had Asperger's Syndrome. This was a...
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    7th house placements and marriage

    I was wondering whether anybody could please give me some advice. The only thing I have in the 7th house natally is Chiron. However, any planet transiting my 7th house will make mostly hard aspects to planets in my natal chart, including oppositions to Moon, Mars ( the ruler of my descendant )...
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    Convincing sceptics

    What is the best way of convincing people who don't believe in Astrology that it really does work?
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    That's okay. If it is opposite Mars it could possibly mean experiencing discord and disharmony in the process of going about trying to achieve what you want to achieve for yourself. If it is trine Uranus it could mean sudden, unexpected experiences of energy and courage. Regarding the...
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    Transiting... Eris?

    I know that Eris is associated with discord and disharmony. I'm afraid I don't know much about transits of Eris, but I could imagine those trine transits might add energy and courage ( positive features of Eris ) to those areas of life ruled by Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. Just possibly they...
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    I would imagine it would mean some kind of discord or disharmony with regard to your career or public standing. Or perhaps you are energetic and courageous in those areas. That's my guess. I'm sure there's more to it than that, though.
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    sun conjunct pluto and suicide

    I have Sun conjunct Pluto, and if I had committed suicide I would not have been here to write this! Sure, I have had difficult times in my life, but I have never considered committing suicide. I realise that it's never the solution to any problem. I wouldn't worry too much about your son doing...
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    Saturn Return

    I have had my first Saturn return and felt very depressed at the time, but it will not last. I'm sorry your marriage is going through a rough patch. The transit will be testing it. If it survives it will be considerably strengthened as a result. I have read the following quote about Saturn...