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    A Motivation Issue

    Thanks for your advice. You're right, my dad was a Gemini, and I got a lot of stress from him. I also think my connection to Aries (and to a certain extent Virgo) is driving me to accomplish more in life. In a perfect world, I would definitely operate best just being able to wake up whenever I...
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    what am I up against? how long?

    I'm not an expert, so I'm going to leave the nitty gritty to other posters, but I have to say that when I read your post, I immediately thought you must have a Sun square Moon, as this is an aspect I have to deal with, too. It doesn't really say much about the circumstances of your future, but...
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    A Motivation Issue

    So, for my entire life I've had trouble motivating myself to get up in the morning. As I've come to know myself better through astrology, it's at the point where I can feel one part of myself trying to drag the others out of bed in the morning and getting nowhere. It's a serious problem for me...