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    Where will I meet my next boyfriend?

    Tikana u are so hilarious! An alien, lol:smile::smile:
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    Will I find love?

    Yes, it can suck when you want an answer to your most pressing question but, the truth of the matter is, in this forum people here who respond to you much prefer that "you" attempt to read your own chart first. This is a learning forum, not a paid horary site where you get instant answers...
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    Will he leave us?

    I never thought it a good idea answering a chart in ref to a third party. in this case your Dad whose supposedly is having an affair. No expert but. Your father is 10th house mercury. The other woman? I believe she is Mars in Aries which rules the 5th house of romance and affairs. They both are...
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    does he think of me

    You're not even clear on your question so how do you expect someone in this forum to answer you? Your not even sure if he's cute. You can determine that just by looking at him. If you have no interest in being "with" him, what difference does it make if he is thinking of you? You must be 17, and...
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    Does he liked me?

    Well, others can correct me if I'm wrong, but, he did think or find you attractive with Venus rising. The only thing about that is Libra is in combustion according to the golden rule of 15-degree Libra thru 15 degrees Scorpio, not good.So, maybe that's indicating nothing will come from it.I'm...
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    Will my current boyfriend and I get married?

    Well, I am really glad Tikana could clean this up for u. I'm still learning. I pick up a lot of pointers from Tikana just by reading her replies to different people here in this forum She is brilliant at this.Hoping the best possible outcome for you :)
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    Will my current boyfriend and I get married?

    I'm no expert but, I think he is seeing someone else. You are Mars in fall in Cancer in the 9th house so I would say that fits you being that you live in a distant place, another country. The person asked about is Venus in his own house thinking only about himself but in Gemini, a double bodied...
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    Contact again?

    Thanks so much Tikana::happy: Definitely will let you know the outcome. Now I'm understanding why Venus is in the 9th house. I would have to travel to another place to see this person. That is so interesting because I'm planning a visit to the very place soon.
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    Contact again?

    Hi to all in the forum.So, after some thoughts about a particular person in my past, I was wondering if there would ever be contact again. Yes. it's a past love. I'm still learning how to read a chart. I see his significator is in my 1st and trine the moon. The moon in Aquarius is in its fall...
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    New Car

    Since a "car" is a form of traveling, I think this question can be answered in this forum, I hope. The question was, should I buy a new car or, fix my truck? Right away Mars is rising, that's enough indication to be a NO. Mars is in the 7th house in the sign of Mercury, it's fall.The 10th house...
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    Will we meet?

    Why on the earth would you want to meet a guy who for one, has a wife and 2, thinks about his ex-girlfriend while with his wife? This guy isn't worth the time or energy of you. Move on. You don't need a horary chart to tell you that. Not unless of course your Neptune, then that would explain it...
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    Job offer

    Hi guys, I'm gonna keep it short and to the point. Got a job offer. I'm on the fence about taking it. It definitely was a burning question. Here is my analysis. I'm the sun in Taurus, right on the midheaven, which puts the sun in its fall. She is the sign of venus which is sitting in the 8th in...
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    more beautiful ??

    Stop it, don't be so hard on yourself. You're beautiful. Leo is rising that is a testimony in and of itself. I'm no chart reader or expert, but Venus is in Gemini ruler Mercury. The moon is in detriment in Gemini, not a very comfy place for the moon. I know because I have the moon in...
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    Love life not happening, saturn ruling 7th house yuck!!

    You are so on point with how this resonates with me. I enjoy "attention" 5th hse sag, but cringe at the thought of everyday realities of being a couple.Like everyday! Omg, can I handle the everyday? Well, probably I can now that I realize it's just not me in a relationship but 2. I'm working...
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    Love life not happening, saturn ruling 7th house yuck!!

    Thanks for your reply. My birth time is as accurate as stated on my birth certificate, And I did want to make my name etc, incognito. Thanks, I will do that. Actually, I won't. I'm not hiding anything, nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. I can't remove the chart anyways so oh well for...
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    Love life not happening, saturn ruling 7th house yuck!!

    Maybe someone really versed can help me understand this better, I go for such long stretches between relationships. Not that I don't get attention cuz I do. Venus in Leo, but she is hidden in the 12th, so It hinders me from making a move even though my Leo sun is screaming hey, look at me, look...
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    Is he going to contact me again?

    Are you serious? This is a horary forum. Nobody is here to figure out if some guy is "mad" at you. You asked a question, It was answered Raphella gave you a straight forward answer. Now you want clarification on his emotional state toward you. Unbelievable.Go see a therapist.Better yet, stop...
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    Does this new man really likes me?

    Not too good at this but ima give it a shot so don't take it at face value. First, the ASC is in a late 29th degree, looks like it is already resolved or the matter has been settled. You are mercury in the 5th house so I think you are more inclined than him because 5th turned is the 11th his, so...
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    Is HE Going to let me GO?

    Ti, you don't pull no punches !!!
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    jupiter transiting 12th house (expansion of suffering)

    that was so funny::love: