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    Publishers for Astrology Books

    Hey there are many informatic sites on internet that helps you to know more about astrology. Astrology articles are more available on net that helps you to write down on different types of astrology techniques. I read books about that to know more techniques of reading birth chart. I hope you...
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    Need some education: Which charts to use when?

    I agree with this reply dear. This is true that Natal chart is used to predict about character of any person, birth chart is used to predict about all things in person's life and all about planet positioned. Mainly people like to predict with the help of birth chart. Thanks fro sharing this here...
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    Top 10 Don'ts in Astrology

    Thank you for sharing this here. This is such a informatic post that gives us knowledge about astrology and all things related to that. :tongue::lol:
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    Norse Astrology

    Hi to all, Thanks for sharing this valuable information about new branch of astrology." Norse astrology" with us here. All your feedback and references are good to know more about it. Keep updating to us with these type of new things of astrology world.
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    Twins born 2 min apart but 25 minute difference in horoscope?

    Hi dear, in astrology planet positioned are change all time. With this, horoscope and birth chart of every person will be change from each other even they both are twins and born on same time.
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    Any one use Makemake?

    Hey dear, I haven't use till now and also not heard about it. Will your please tell me more about makemake.. Is it about astrology related thing??
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    Stolen Photos

    This will quite shocking for me in that case dear.
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    Astrology, Free Will, Karma

    Astrology can be used to get knowledge about this. People attach all these with astrology but it is true that karma and free will are related to people's life.
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    Is it possible??

    Yes dear, you can get full information about this question by astrology. Astrology has many technique to get predictions about marriage in native's life. By this, you can check about your marriage life as well as marriage time with perfect spouse. Sometimes, it is tough to know about life...
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    Whch face belongs this chart?

    To make birth chart, it is required to have all information about that person to predict his/her horoscope report. You should provide that all things to get your birth chart.
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    a little riddle ;)

    Hi dear, welcome to this forum. I hope you will get good response from all astrologer about your queries.
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    Rahu in 7th house - Bad marriage?

    Hi dear, in the case of Rahu in 7th house, native will be rich but his wife would suffer. He would be victorious over his enemies. in this situation, if the marriage takes place before twenty one years, it would be inauspicious. This is again not a good placement for rahu in terms of married...
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    Happy Birthday AquariusT

    I just saw this post about your birthday. Belated happy birthday dear. May god bless you. :happy:
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    Your Favourite Films!

    hi, It is good to know about your all movies list here. Thanks for sharing this.
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    mercury dasha

    Hi all, I just read this post about mercury dasha. I also have mercury dasha in my horoscope dear. In my birth chart, mercury dasha occured in 1994-2008. It gave good effect in life in the field of education and money as well as health.Mercury is responsible for intelligence, communication...
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    Hey! hey! hey! what I discovred!!!

    Wow great. Congrats for this. :happy::happy:
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    How did you get into astrology?

    My interest is in astrology. I like to read astrological article thats why I came in this field,
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    no goals in life :(

    Hi Dimpiee, As you said that you have opt this field because of your family not by your interest. That is the main problem that cause less interest and not any goal in life. You should go for any good astrologer that can help you for your best career field and life predictions. Astrology is a...
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    Video Game Thread

    I recently played these games that I like most. Final Fantasy VII,Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,Half-Life 2,Halo 2,Super Metroid and many more.
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    Playlist of the Week(music)

    That is such a good post for music lovers. I found in this post many good stuff that I also liked too much. Thanks guys to posting it here your playlist. I like to check others music list and also add some more good music in my list also.