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    please!!!can anyone tell me about this synastry?

    Aria, We all have the free will to use the energies we are given to the positive, instead of to the negative. He may not choose to leave you! Perhaps it is possible that he is wrestling with his own issues right now. I have found progressed composites invaluble for timing pivotal points in...
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    please!!!can anyone tell me about this synastry?

    Aria, Though there are some great aspects in your synastry, since your angles are being contaced by his planets (Mercury, Venus), it's possible that this relationship is having a deeper effect on you than on him. You have many planets in his first, so you affirm his identity and boost his ego...
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    Natural or Knife?

    Interestingly, a day after a new lunar return began, I gave birth via c-section. My doctor did not feel like waiting any longer would be beneficial (I was 10 days overdue). My son had not dropped at all by March 22 and my doctor did not think he was going to. He did - the day of the...
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    Natural or Knife?

    Thanks Claire! I still have not given birth yet, and cross into another LR tomorrow. Surgical birth is now inevitable (will take place Friday 3/26). The only questions that remain are regarding my health, and that of my son. Neptune conj Chiron currently transits my natal 6th, and I worry about...
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    Lazy eye and muscle diseases.

    Interesting that you are a Gemini AC - so is my significant other. He also has a bit of a lazy eye, though it actually took me a few years to notice.
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    Natural or Knife?

    Medical astrology is still new to me - but fascinating! So, I have been trying to deduce whether the birth of my child (due on 3/17) will be natural or surgical, and whether or not we will both survive with no problems. I have fought for the chance to try for a natural birth (my first was...
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    An Interesting Lunar Return

    Wow, here it is more than a year later; I had forgotten to follow up this post with what actually happened during this lunar return! Unfortunately, a death of a friend was indeed indicated. He got the telephone call about three weeks into this LR; she was the mother of his best friend (and of...
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    How to predict childbirth in women?

    No idea if this wil help, but this is my personal experience: My daughter (first and only) was born when my 5th house ruler (Saturn) was transiting square natal Mercury (ASC ruler). Transiting Saturn was also opposite transiting Mercury in my 5th and 11th natal houses. Transiting Mars and...
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    A guy predicted me scared and annoyed....

    Waybread, as a person with my mind continually coming 'round to worry about death (Mercury, Venus, Sun, Chiron in 8th - go figure), I had never even thought about the perspective you presented (natural disasters and such). Very interesting food for thought! Thanks for that! Backy - there are...
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    Boyfriend's sister.

    Family charts are fun! :) there are always lots of aspects between them, and loads of similarities. In my family (my little girl, her father, and myself), for instance, we all have mutable signs rising... and all of us have planets opposing in mutable signs. We also all have sun-neptune...
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    Progressions in synastry?

    I have always had good luck with progressed composites - especially with the position of the progressed moon. I've always wondered about progressed synastry..... I really look forward to seeing what others have to say about this! :69:
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    At turning point -- your insights needed

    Check out the composite fixed grand cross! These are never easy to deal with. LOL! I should know! My partner and I have one in our composite as well. The relationship will usually "stick" so to speak, but not without tremendous growth from both parties. It means learning to compromise. It...
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    ascendent falling on someones midheaven

    Venus, My partner's Gemini ASC conjuncts (by a few minutes) my Gemini MC. With us, it means our inherent lifestyles are very different... because my ASC in Virgo naturally squares his ASC. I speak from only personal experience on this one, and that is why I responded... We work very, very hard...
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    Solar Arc and Progressions

    Starlink, this post is so helpful to those of us just learning about SA's and progressions, thanks!
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    An Interesting Lunar Return

    Thanks Starlink! It does help some. Honestly, I didn't recognize the 11th house influences until I was writing the original post. It's the lunar return of my daughter's father, with whom I have had a turbulent, off-and-on relationship for 5 years (it is more on than off these days, and...
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    Ideas on how to get back at someone by sign?

    :D ROFL!!! These are hilarious (and so true)! Yeah, and disagree with a Sag, it'll drive them mad.
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    Virgos and OCD

    I have Virgo ASC (exactly opposing Mars) and a stellium in the 8th (Sun, Merc, Venus, Chiron, S node) opposing Pluto. I don't have OCD (hmmm.... at least I don't think so, LOL) but am teased about my 'OCD tendencies' constantly by my family and friends. From my point of view, it is a control...
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    What makes a liar?

    Buttercup, Right along those lines, yes, I am quite close to someone who is a pathological liar, and a thief. He has Sun, Mercury, and Neptune conjunct in Sagittarius in the 7th. Jupiter is in the 11th in his chart, which is ruled by Neptune.
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    What makes a liar?

    Only my opinion, Steph, but I would think Jupiter in hard aspect to Mercury, Sun, or Neptune would give one a tendency to exaggerate the truth. Not to lie, but simply to exaggerate the truth.
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    Saturn-Mars conjunction on July 10

    This Mars-Saturn transit is happening right on top of my ASC - opposing my natal Mars - and squaring my MC. Needless to say, I begin a new job on July 14, began a 30-day diet program 5 days ago, and have had quite interesting exchanges with my bf - this transit squares his 1st/7th axis and his...