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    The Yod of God

    The yod of God Wilsonic, Thank you for yourinterpretation and to show me the boomerang interpretation . I will work on it a bit longer..... :roll:
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    The Yod of God

    yod the finger of god :evil: :D :twisted: Yod is in my chart to. Thank you for this interesting interpretation and as your explanations flow i could reconnize a direct and cruel experience i had with my yod. First of all to place a real yod the apex planet has to be a personnal one, it...
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    when will i find a new house or home?

    ? sophie question Paris 19/12/2005 10H32 GMT born 22/02/159 PARIS 15H55 thank you :?: :idea: :roll:
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    when will i find a new house or home?

    Sorry sophie birth date 22 02 15 15H55 Paris
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    when will i find a new house?

    when will i find my new house? thank you asked by sophie 22 02 15 Rising sign leo 7*
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    when will i moove? the chart available

    Sorry still with this question getting the right link for viewing chart Thank for help
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    chart of the question when will i moove] To go on my question when will i moove the chart. I am married and mercure chart rising sign gemini conjuct sun but both squred moon ; the most crazy is there is a yod on this chart and...
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    when will i move?

    Can i know when i will move? A crucial question. thank you so much for help. Paris/france /10h52 Pm :?: :?: :idea: :shock: :D sophie
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    yod ‹ I hope my chart visible now if any help on interpretation. I notice to on the progressiv chart Mars will go to cancer and truely opposite saturn. What is the perspective???[/url]
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    a Yod and progressed square mercury/ saturne 2

    I got my chart but enable to swich it on screen. the astrodienst chart; Anyway pisces 3° ( VIII th House)Rising leo 7° Yod mars apex in XIth house 5°° Gemini aspected by Neptune 6° Scorpio in IVth house and Saturne 4°51 capricorne VIth house. Reflecting Jupiter 1° Sag(Vth House, sag intercept)...
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    a yod and a preogressed saturn/mercury square

    Me again[/img]
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    a yod and a preogressed saturn/mercury square

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    a yod and a preogressed saturn/mercury square

    [] In this chart my rising some is 18 usually i find it at 7° Leo ???? firs insert on this forum. I have a yod as welle in my chart; Iwanted to know more about it. I am quite wearied to...