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  1. PlutoLibScoAsc

    Uranus conjunct Midheaven in Capricorn

    First of all, thank you for contributing to the other thread. I am not harsh here, may be you are mean to make fun of someone's contribution? So, please stop commenting if is not related to the topic. I don't want it got deviated further on debating something unrelated. Thank you.
  2. PlutoLibScoAsc

    Uranus conjunct Midheaven in Capricorn

    Wan, Are you here to troll? Please don't come here trolling when they are here to contribute to my post.
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    Uranus in 7th house in Taurus sign, stable or unstable?

    I thought my thread has ended at 2 persons replies... It shouldn't matter whether is about an old folk or babies, right? My objective is to understand this placement in natal and would really like to hear some people's experience. Thank you, all for your replies.
  4. PlutoLibScoAsc

    Uranus conjunct Midheaven in Capricorn

    I know someone with this, seems like his career is ever short span, sigh. Wonder if he would ever get stable in his job. Anyone else with this, please, can you share your experience? Thanks in advance.
  5. PlutoLibScoAsc

    Jupiter Retrograde conjunct IC, anyone?

    What does it feels like to have Jupiter Retrograde conjunct IC?
  6. PlutoLibScoAsc

    Uranus in 7th house in Taurus sign, stable or unstable?

    Hi, I read that uranus is 7th house could be one of the many indicators for unstable relationship, needs for change/excitement in a relationship or even divorce, but if it is in the sign Taurus, could it indicate that chart holder instead of unstable are actually pretty stable and reliable?
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    Can I believe her?

    You jump into your assumption too quick, may be you should read again what I wrote or may be ask before you assume. I got that from astrology books. I listen to many astrologers okay, is not just by me. If you're not here to help, pls scroll pass.
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    Can I believe her?

    Thank you but I feel bad posting chart without owner approval.
  9. PlutoLibScoAsc

    Can I believe her?

    A Sag stellium with Taurus moon and Scorpio venus tells me that she love me. Can I believe her? Sag has reputation for irresponsible words, couldn't keep their words or promises. What do you think? If it's you, will you believe her?
  10. PlutoLibScoAsc

    IC in Synastry?

  11. PlutoLibScoAsc

    If Saturn gives good bone structure, why do I have scoliosis

    I would guess it is coming from the Jupiter Pisces 6th house. Jupiter is lucky, expansion, excessive, big etc. People call it good but not always when it makes a person too much in something I guess. As in pisces ruled by Neptune, is escapism, asylum, isolation, hospitals. Being in 6th house is...
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    Venus in Sagittarius and Cheating

    This describes very well on those that I know.
  13. PlutoLibScoAsc

    Is Pluto an astrological planet?

    Nope. More like Pluto find a lot of people are stupid and don't bother to mingle with idiots. Pluto likes to keep a distant and observe quietly and take down records in its head of what all this people did and predict what is their next stupid move and also know what their ends are like. Then...
  14. PlutoLibScoAsc

    Women with Mars Conjunct Saturn

    Well, first promised marriage was a very selfish man (much older), it didn't happen so glad that I didn't marry him. My marriage now is amazing. He is much younger than me and yes, he is very much Saturnian in a way that I like. We are very happy together for some years now as our synastry is...
  15. PlutoLibScoAsc

    How do black moon lilith destroy a person?

    I heard that black moon lilith conjunct partner's personal planets would harm/destroy the partner. How do black moon lilith destroy the planet person? Any examples to share or any real life stories that u know of?
  16. PlutoLibScoAsc

    What kind of Scorpio does not stalk?

    I saw a post about scorpio stalking so I was wondering are there any Scorpio that doesn't stalk and doesn't obsess? If yes, what in the natal will make a Scorpio not stalk and not obsess? Have you know one that doesn't behave like a Scorpio? So what is in his/her chart that changes that?