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    Reincarnation indications in chart?

    Hello Chinamender! It's been a long time since I've posted regularly here as I have been out doing necessary things with shifting life. Back when I shared a post here I was in a time of life of more changes and I was allowing my mind to wander all over the place. It's different now and I've...
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    As I had brought attention before, after more investigation of charts and considerable attention to active psychics involved in using their gifts it is notable to find more indicators for psychic ability than just the water element and Uranus. It comes down to how this faculty which is common...
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    This is actually an area I've done considerable research on. Psychic potential really is in many different places and different astrological conditions affect the way it manifests. Many of us could share elements of the intuitive side of quite a variety of placements.
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    Have You Noticed That a Natal Chart still `operates' after death?

    Hi Ray & Waterlilly, I too was quite surprised to discover this strange dynamic. When I first considered it there wasn't much time before I wondered how it would reflect our personal progress dealing with death and the passing of Loved Ones. Having also like you Waterlilly experienced an ADC...
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    Have You Noticed That a Natal Chart still `operates' after death?

    Hi There, I recently discovered this technique pointedly used to follow the trends of ideas of a person's life and how they were treated in the world. For example if you wanted to see possible tends for the A.R.E. you could examine the chart for Edgar Cayce as if he were still alive...
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    Astrological Influences That May Indicate Past Lives

    Hi Lillybelle, I'm so glad someone aware of the differences responded. Can you please share elements of the technique to give us a framework of understanding perhaps with an example? That's what has really been missing. Tell us more. I'm not looking for you to do my chart but I would...
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    Astrological Influences That May Indicate Past Lives

    While I can certainly understand the moving of the signs and reinterpreting don''t you think we should shy away from the assigning of gender since masculine and feminine signs each have plenty of people of the opposite gender? I think you've taken one of those leaps that skeptics tend to use to...
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    Astrological Influences That May Indicate Past Lives

    Hi Katydid, I enjoyed hearing about your daughter's personal experience. Very Good! Please though, somebody tell me how does the placement of this 12th house conversion to the Ascendant come any further to a completed chart when the signs go backwards??? As an example my 12th H...
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    Astrological Influences That May Indicate Past Lives

    Normally I wouldn't respond when I'm this exhausted but it feels like it will help me relax. I will help you with a couple questions even though I'm not convinced or completely familiar with AT Mann's work. Until someone else comes along who is, as an Astrologer sympathetic to the pursuit of...
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    Is this a past life connection?

    In the traditional interpretations for the type of Astrological input you're seeking anytime another person has planets conjunct your South Node that would be considered karmic.
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    Do you think this relationship is karmic?

    This is Fascinating Information! I suggest that in all honesty anyone interested might also be interested in your source so citing your source although in no way required is likely highly appreciated by all serious readers. Many of us seeing online sources will quickly familiarize ourselves...
  12. Soul Friend

    Indications of being in a `last lifetime'?

    Hi Folks, Whew! I wondered if and when anyone was going to use the words Anaretic Degree because the 29th of any sign is always refered to as the Anaretic Degree. It's not typically ever called a critical degree though as those are found using a specific math formula starting at O°...
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    Astrological Influences That May Indicate Past Lives

    NOTE: Please do not bother to respond if you're in the least bit uninterested in the following insights as they come from a deeply sensitive personal place and I share them now only partly because of the general safety of this place which has been known to have its critics of what some might...
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    People With Moon/ASC Aspects?

    Add me as another with Moon (9° Sag in 4th H) trine Sun at of 13° Leo which is conjunct my Asc. at 14° Leo. As a child I was described as happy-go-lucky and as an adult I sometimes feel perturbed by an awkwardness experiencing sorrow as though I don't allow myself time but maybe it's simply...
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    Astrology and the chakras

    This is a fascinating thread and I find it very stimulating to consider. Some years ago I did look into this structuring of the chart to connect with the chakras but was curious about how the 7th connected with the chart because only those from 1-6 were mentioned. Too, I've been in the habit...
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    What do my charts say about my past life history?

    No clue on the link but it sounds gr8! If you find it, "Please pass it on.";)
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    how many retrogrades do you have?

    Re: Neptune Retrograde Hi Lorielle, You're not the only one. My missus is a 7th generation tea leaf reader and while she has an amazing accuracy with outsiders we in her own family sometimes feel quite frustrated by her. I've been known to call her the psychic without a clue. sshh! Don't...
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    Moon conjunct South Node

    Looking at the basics remember that your Moon is very important and the S. Node depicts the past and its gifts. I've got this placement and choose to see this as starting where I left off giving me a leg up in the balance department as I seek to develop the Gemini qualities to round out my Sag...
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    a pastory told me

    Mercury rising prior to the Sun is one indication of some prophetic ability if born out by other things. You also have a 12th House Moon conjunct the Ascendant which bodes well for Intuitive qualities and then in the 4th House you have Dreamy Neptune in the Prophetic sign of Sagittarius. On...
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    a T-squares party in my friend's chart

    I'd say this is only one T-Square with a conjunction at the apex. Too, although it's not in orb to create a Grand Cross Saturn does oppose the conjunction significantly to help with the solution of finding a release for the tension. That can be very helpful. You might want to be more...