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  1. Elyn

    Someone i know

    Why am i obsessed with this person or is it the other way around. I think its ecauseb he might remind me of my dad. My bday march 6 1985 His dec 7 1984
  2. Elyn

    Read my Chart

    Hi, I would like to know, what would the "presumed" sexual orientation be of this chart. I think this chart is a little unusual and on top of it with scorpio rising.... Could there be any perceived sexual orientation confusion? This is for entertainment purposed only of course...
  3. Elyn


    Thank you RaRohini. I was wondering about venus being at such a close degree with mars. Is there any significance or perhaps they should they be viewed separately?
  4. Elyn


    North Indian Chart
  5. Elyn


    Ok, My details are: March 6 1985 23:20 pm Montreal, Canada I have posted my south indian chart according to a website online. here are the coordinates: Nakshatra Purva Phalguni Rasi Simha Ayanamsa Lahir Planets Positions Rasi Sun 322° 53' 44" Kumbha Moon 144° 8' 30"...
  6. Elyn


    my chart Hi, I would like to know what is your first impression reading my vedic chart. I hope the chart I have posted is correct. My fortune is conjunct north node. Thank you
  7. Elyn

    sexual orientation

    What do you think? (please ignore the transits) equal houses placidus
  8. Elyn


    Quick thoughts on time of marriage? Hi, Any thoughts on time of marriage in my chart? or anything to do with marriage. I know my sun is apparently badly aspected which may be a bad indication? I have seen an astrologer in the past and she said I would have two children, the first would be...
  9. Elyn

    sexual obssesion in synastry

    pluto indicators in a chart can lead to obsession...
  10. Elyn

    Uranus square Neptune transit 2011

    Hi! What does it mean to have: -Transiting uranus in 11th square natal neptune in 7th? - Transiting uranus in 5th square natal neptune in 2nd? I get the impression that in these 2 partners, could indicate a breakup that might go both ways? could this be a indication that it will affect...
  11. Elyn

    Quick transit question

    Hi! what happens when transiting venus conjuncts mars (and venus and mercury for that matter) in the 11th house. In the chart, the rulers of venus and mars are also rulers of the 11th house. ALSO, there is a strong opposition of mars and pluto (retrograde) in the natal chart. pluto is in the...
  12. Elyn

    Please, composite to natal questions!

    Hi, I cant seem to find a interpretation for the following (these are for the composite with someones natal chart): - What does it mean to have a composite moon fall in a persons natal 7th house? (the composite moon is also in the composite 7th house) - What is the meaning of someones...
  13. Elyn

    of legends - synastry

    Please please please!
  14. Elyn

    of legends - synastry

    k so here are the charts
  15. Elyn

    of legends - synastry

    Blast from the Past - Relationship survives decades - help! - synastry Hi, I have had a "legendary" relation with someone, past decades, he has reappeared in my life, and i have had many premonitory dreams about this person since this summer. I do not want to date him but I know we are...
  16. Elyn

    Need a professional to give an opinion on this website

    I wasn't sure how they calculated the aspects that they claim to calculate. I know, I don't trust my own judgement enough. I have to 'check' it over perfectly (virgo moon).
  17. Elyn

    oppositions meet

    Hey!! I think it depends. For example, deep down, sometimes my virgo moon makes me feel like im not in contact with my emotions. Like I dont understand them and I try to rationalize them. However, my sun in pisces and venus/mars/mercury in aries, scorpio ascendant really make me too involved...
  18. Elyn

    oppositions meet

    Actually, waybread, do we have to know both ascendants and make a synastry chart to know if the aspects are really sextiles or trines by degree? or is it enough to know that, for example, the moon is in virgo and the other persons moon in cancer, therefore they are sextile..?
  19. Elyn

    Need a professional to give an opinion on this website

    Hi! I would like to know what you think of this website. It is supposed to calculate compatibility. I'm not sure but don't you have to know the ascendant for the aspects to have any merit??? In my personal experience, it doesn't work...
  20. Elyn

    oppositions meet

    Oh my, I just realized that another very strong platonic relationship I had was with a sagittarius/gemini. I'm born during a full moon. I dont know why but I seem to gravitate towards people born under a full moon. Maybe because I'm a pisces, I 'sense' that they are interesting, dualistic like...