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  1. StillOne

    Tremendous social success, but crushing inability to make money or build a career

    Mars square Pluto, in fairly tight orb, is worth researching Best wishes :joyful: ps. The chart you posted is challenging to read. Kindly consider using charts.
  2. StillOne

    Why do Scorpio-heavy people seem to actively look for suffering?

    How certain are you of your birth time? apologies if it's been addressed earlier in the thread... If you were born at 8:19 you'd have Gemini rising. If you are Cancer rising, we share some similar chart placements: Gem moon in 12th, Merc in Scorpio 17th deg although I'm Libra Sun. There is...
  3. StillOne

    Resolving a Square aspect

    I would reference your progressed chart. It will show you how your chart has changed, and you have evolved, since the square.
  4. StillOne

    How do you know if a planet is afflicted?

    It is retrograde in your chart but is located in it's domicile and has positive aspects to it. So it is only slightly challenged due to it's retrograde nature. There are other aspects of your chart that most likely have greater impact than your Saturn. Take, for example, your Moon in...
  5. StillOne

    How do you know if a planet is afflicted?

    Could you post a chart please?
  6. StillOne

    Empath/Psychic indicators in a natal chart

    Moon conjunct Neptune trine Sun are strong aspects that could indicate the presence of these types of traits.
  7. StillOne

    tell me your moral alignment

    Libra Sun (conj Ur) Gemini Moon Cancer Rising Neutral Good Alignment
  8. StillOne

    Spirituality and relationships

    Thanks for that explanation Sweet Pea! The link is excellent as well! It makes a lot of sense from that perspective. :joyful:
  9. StillOne

    Location on Earth

    I believe it's called Astrocartography or relocation astrology. Mundane astrology may play into this some also? ETA: There is a relocation section in the Natal forum here. Hope this helps
  10. StillOne

    Mercury in Scorpio

    Thanks Lin. I was just curious how people here experience their Mercuries in Scorpio. Maybe this should be in chat!?
  11. StillOne

    What do you do when a person likes you but you aren't compatible?

    Hey, the synastry and composite are just two viewpoints on a relationship. It's difficult to understand those forces fully. It's pretty complicated stuff. If you're not attracted to him, just simply say you're not attracted. It'll save a lot of time for both of you, which is respectful...
  12. StillOne

    Mercury in Scorpio

    Who here has Mercury in Scorpio? Thoughts? Do you find it intense? Deep? Sexual? Challenging? Do you like to dig deep into your interests? Do you tend to overthink things? Research things to death? I've also read that Mercury in Scorpio can give quick hand-eye coordination and manual...
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    Excellent posts Jup! :joyful:
  14. StillOne

    I have a website! And a new feature! Seeking questions!

    Re: I have a website! Best wishes! :joyful:
  15. StillOne

    Approaching the 7th house and relationships accordingly

    Personally, IMO, going for unavailable partners just means that you're not ready yet. You wish to still practice. Nothing wrong with that while you are figuring things out. Virgo on the 7th house cusp has a sense of purity and perfectionism surrounding it. It's lord, Merc, in Cap may signal...
  16. StillOne

    How come I am not controlling (Scorpio Moon)

    Personally, I think it's due to your Moon in Quincunx to Mars in Gemini. I think Mars here will disrupt the expression of your Moon in Scorpio in subtle ways. Personally, I think Mars in Gemini will disagree with control since it's time consuming as Gemini is a quicker sign and will want to move...
  17. StillOne

    Sex and planets

    My bad, I meant as in the suitors charts! Not your chart. For you, I agree that it's transits/progressions to natal... :biggrin: I was thinking of it from the perspective of the man's chart.
  18. StillOne

    Sex and planets

    I'd disagree. I think it's more natal and you probably just ran into some guys who always tend to be quick... :whistling:
  19. StillOne

    Embrace femininity

    Virgo and Scorpio are Feminine signs. Libra can be quite dualistic. It's ruled by Venus after all. :wink:
  20. StillOne

    When martial law in the US will happen

    Don't really think this holds true. for example: