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  1. Hermeshadesluna

    Querent Jupiter retrograde

    It's about property, and finances, since the depositors of Jupiter are in the 4th and 2nd. Much Clarity on this Hermes Day. Peace, Love and Gnosis ❤#sacralchakra💛💚💙💜💫💫💫#3spaceships
  2. Hermeshadesluna

    Querent Jupiter retrograde

    In Short at looking at the First House, Moon in 1st, Hidden Enemy Aspect coming from.the 7th, in applying semi square to the 9th, This does not bode well.(This is without looking at the parallels or fixed Stars) Positive Motivation Ares Day. Peace, Love and Gnosis ❤#sacralchakra💛💚💙💜💫💫💫#3sp3
  3. Hermeshadesluna


    Can you post or private message me a PDF file of the Map, so I can see the parallels. Any before anybody says, parallels don't work or apply in horary, I've had many successful and accurate Views, Predictions and Manifestations using parallels.Peace, Love and Gnosis ❤#sacralchakra💛💚💙💜💫💫💫#3spaceships
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    Need help with a co-ruler relationship chart

    He's definitely more in tune with the friend being as that they are the same significator, Mars squaring him, Mercury done passed him, and Luna done moved on, from what I See without knowing the Parallels of Latitude, even though I bet Venus and Jupiter are parallel with Venus applying, that's...
  5. Hermeshadesluna

    When will there be a relationship for me

    I am professional astrologer, I would say advanced but astrology takes many lifetimes to master, and with me being a life path #9, I ain't there yet. Ahh professor's wound. Peace, Love and Gnosis ❤#sacralchakra💛💚💙💜💫💫💫#3spaceships
  6. Hermeshadesluna

    Need to get out of the US!

    Ruler of the 7th afflicted and flipped by Oranos and in a weakened space 12th house and debilitated sign, Taurus. This Map cannot be judged properly. Peace,Love and Gnosis ❤#sacralchakra💛💚💙💜💫💫💫#3spaceships
  7. Hermeshadesluna

    When will there be a relationship for me This Map is not radical, the temperament of the Sign rising does not match the temperament of the Hora. Leo Rising - Sun - hot and dry, Venus Hora - cold and moist. The Ruler of the 7th Cusp Saturn is afflicted...
  8. Hermeshadesluna

    My Frequency Transmission on Opps in the Horary Map - Haters in the 12th house Due to the manifestations of the Jupiter -Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on my map mainly by Descension aka Natal, and I say Descension cause Im a Starseed, I could not save the frequency transmission in a higher quality. Peace, Love and Gnosis Tribe...
  9. Hermeshadesluna

    TR Uranus Conjunct North Node

    My experience so far. Uranus has separated from my 7th House Aries North Node by 1 degree and 43 minutes of Arc. I have Ophelia (helping, aiding, holding Space, going mad from repression) exactly on my North Node which is between Al Pherg (Glory, Honor, Riches, Success) and M34 Vertex...
  10. Hermeshadesluna

    Controversial Theory: Venus exalted in Aquarius

    I know you were referring to someone else, but I feel like an Aqua Venus, with mine being in aspect to Uranus, in the 11th even though its in Leo, Aqua duad Cancer Sun, triseptile Uranus,
  11. Hermeshadesluna

    Religious Conversion

    That could also be a factor since Pluto retro after all to me is reflecting on how you attained purification and power in the past life.
  12. Hermeshadesluna

    How to explain differences in twins born only 1 minute apart?

    As Waybread linked to the proper reference, duads make the difference.
  13. Hermeshadesluna

    Religious Conversion

    The first thing I could think of is Uranus in harmonious aspect to Jupiter or 9th house ruler and the the South Node preferably the sextile. I might be wrong I have to research this further. Peace, love and Gnosis!
  14. Hermeshadesluna

    The reason why Gemini Moons are always searching for a perfect relationship

    Hey, Fam! Being a Gem moon myself, I've always felt that I would meet up with my Twin Flame in this lifetime, even before I knew the term for it. And I'm still looking, even though, you know being a Gem moon and all, I feel like my own **** twin😝
  15. Hermeshadesluna

    The reason why Gemini Moons are always searching for a perfect relationship

    Not really a question, just an observation after reflection on this. After the reading the section on Gem Moons in Jan Spiller's Spiritual Astrology, I pondered how did she come to this conclusion. Then it hit me. Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini and of course since the element of air is...
  16. Hermeshadesluna

    Does Pallas Athene aspects to planets show the reason why you got into astrology?

    Sorry it took me so long to get around to this, haven't really been on here. But as far as I know of is that the wounding and healing process that you have in regards to your mental and communicative processes in your career and status, is in alignment with his automatic comfort zone of...
  17. Hermeshadesluna

    my ascendant is not the same as my first house?

    You have a late degree Leo rising, tis all. The first house is not the same thing as the ascendant, as the ascendant is just the longitudinal degree of the sign position of the ecliptic. But it does depend on which house system you use
  18. Hermeshadesluna

    Does Pallas Athene aspects to planets show the reason why you got into astrology?

    For example, my Pallas is conjunct Venus, trine N. Node and Uranus, sextile Moon, and inconjunct Jupiter. And the synchronicity is that I got into astrology to understand my relationships and to figure out if my spouse was my true ascension partner (my N Node is in 7th), to understand my psyche...
  19. Hermeshadesluna

    Quincunx city!

    It's not really typical to look at them as separate, but I prefer to take that approach because it's just easier for me to interpret it that way. I appreciate it, Fam!